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10 Hot Guys Who Were Born Female

Incredibly handsome trans men who are role models in the LGBT community. 


@Michael Best
These are not males. They're altered females. Taking hormone treatments and outward surgical procedures do not make you a man. Sex is not only defined by hormones, but also a person's chromosomes and reproductive system (not just the outer organs, but the whole system). Just because they want to be identified as males do not mean they are. Biology and logic betray them.
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@Michael Best
+Antonio​​​​ my argument has not been about gender, it's about sex. Gender is where the terms "masculine" and "feminine" originated. To equate gender and sex is inaccurate - they're different, and I have clearly defined that. If you want to equate them, then, that's your right to do so, and your opinion. The race analogy is just that, an analogy. The point behind that was the issue of identity, and the things people do to fulfil it. Just like a transgendered person, a transracial person sees himself or herself as a different race inside - so where are the supportive voices? No, instead they're labeled as crazy. So what works for one group, cannot work for another? That was the purpose of the comparison. To quickly conclude, like I said, if they see themselves as the opposite sex yet their DNA says otherwise, then I cannot concur with that. Do not force me to see you as something that your genetic makeup denies - as this video highlights. You wanna do you? No problem. You think you are the opposite sex? Again, no problem. That's your universe. But don't coerce of force me to agree with your definition. Have a good day. 

@King Okuri-Inu
+Michael Best I agree 100 percent with what your saying and have thoroughly enjoyed reading what you have posted here.

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