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10 Most Expensive Virginities Ever Sold

10 Most Expensive Virginities Ever Sold

From Wacky Friday (youtube)

From an 18 year old girl selling her V card to a man in his mid-forties, to a teenage model from Peru who sold her purity to pay for her mother’s medical bills. We take a look at 10 of the most expensive virginities ever sold.

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Males across the Animal Kingdom have a longer reproductive life than females, and they don't want to be duped into raising another male's offspring. Hence, why nearly ALL men over the age of 30 are more attracted to females half their age, than women their own age. You ladies had something worth big bucks when you were teenagers. How many of you gave it away to a teenage punk, and got nothing in return?
+GarthanSaal444 The majority.
+GarthanSaal444 the fuck?!
+GarthanSaal444 someone sounds pretty salty
+GarthanSaal444 That's a pretty interesting take on it, and an argument that I haven't heard for why men tend to be attracted to younger women.
+Cocoa Nut it's not about that. even men who are presented with a forty year old virgin would prefer the twenty year old one. that's biology, not due to raising offspring. theory is incorrect.
+Carey Cox I don't suppose you've ever heard of something called "evolution"? No? Men that prefer inexperienced women are less likely to end up raising another man's offspring and, therefore, more likely to pass on their genes. Simple.
+Cocoa Nut yes I've heard of evolution. I don't think that's the case. I think that's called "laziness," "income protection," "don't wanna pay to raise another guy's baby," etc. In the animal kingdom, like with lions as mentioned elsewhere, it brings the female into heat sooner. 
+Carey Cox you just apparently dont understand science and logic like most females
+Charles Cocce (yawn)
+Charles Cocce Apparently you don't understand that half of 30 is 15 and a jail term waiting to happen. So it sounds like you don't understand laws and morality like most males.
+Carey Cox ok, 40 year old virgin is not a good analogy. Think about it; they are probably pretty ugly and/or weird.
+clod8 lol
+Carey Cox It's "laziness" for me not to want to raise somebody else's kid? Yea, okay then, you roll with that, I'll instead look for the few women who made it through their teenage years without having a prom night baby so that I'm not paying for somebody else's mistake to go through collage.
+Tao okay, it's "energy conservationism"
This comment is disgusting. You're suggesting that all girls should save their virginity to one day auction it off to a 50 year old wifeless millionaire, and therefore should all become prostitutes. I know so many girls who's first time meant something. I'm still a virgin but I won't ever sell myself. It's 2015. There's more to females than that
+Dren L You're still a virgin cause you're picky.
+Tao I know lol, she used "laziness" as an argument to why men don't want to raise another man's child. Her arguments lost all credibility there.
+AngieD1993 You're a retard murican that thinks 18 years old is the age of consent all across the world, NICE TRY RETARD!
+Karl Hans my comment lost credibility nowhere. Your comment indicates your honor immediately.
+Carey Cox Keep telling yourself that.
+GarthanSaal444 thats not true. one of my girlfriends in high school was a virgin and she got a pearl necklace for it^^
+Dren L It might be 2015, but there has always been more to females than that! Females tend to project qualities unto men that they Don't have, while males tend to think of women as merely bodies and baby incubators. We elevate them and they debase us. Most guys=food, sports and sex.
+Karl Hans Maybe so, but how many women raise other people's kids? Many women actually think of the child's needs not just our own selfish "needs".
+clod8 I have yet to see one. And many women just want to get drunk and get laid.
+clod8 Or maybe it's because child custody heavily favors the mother, so if you're the type of women to have 12 children by 42 different men, you're likely to keep every single one of them simple because you have a vagina.
So much ignorance on this thread. Muting
+Karl Hans what does being picky have to do with it? My body = my choice.
+clod8 that's what I meant, I was suggesting that it's 2015, its about time we realise that there's more to females than that. Females are slowly but surely being valued rather for their more resolute and human qualities. 
+Dren L You're still a virgin not because you have moral standards but because you have high standards to who is "worthy" (even though you're an average hoe) of taking away your virginity.
+Karl Hans your comment suggests that you know me. You don't. Which means that it is built on nothing more than your general preconception of a uniformed population of girls rather than my individual personality. Did it not occur to you that I might be busy getting an education and striving for a fulfilling career? Thanks, though, for the misogynistic and worrying input.
+Dren L Cause getting an education means it's impossible to get laid. Best argument I've heard today.
+Karl Hans No. Because getting an education is more important. Yours was better, I can assure you. 
+Dren L Wow, you keep digging yourself in a deeper hole.
+Karl Hans Lol you just called me an "average hoe" after me openly stating I've never "got laid". Just be quiet
+Dren L Dodging the big hole you just dug yourself into I see...And I didn't mean hoe as in "whore" but as in "cunt".
+Karl Hans How do you explain me stating that 'education is more important than "getting laid"' is me digging a hole deeper than you telling me the reason I'm still a virgin is because I'm a "cunt" amidst a barrage of sexism, Mr Icon Default.
+Dren L Learn to read, retard! "Mr Icon Default." irrelevant much? idiot!
+Karl Hans hahahahha oh! Sorry! Did I miss something? Your argument just collapsed on itself and imploded in your face. It's very relevant, it gives you the ability to shamelessly say whatever fucking nonsense you want with nothing to back it up. It's called deindividuation. You're masked, I'm not, making me vulnerable to the argument. Absolute freak
+Dren L I never mentioned anything about your looks you shit-for-brains. Keep telling yourself that your stupid arguments make sense, it's what keeps your confidence up. Bye.
+Karl Hans stfu she won, idiot
+See Queen Another like-minded idiot like her told me her stupid arguments made perfect sense, now I know I'm wrong. Thanks.
+Dren L Really? A million dollars? $1,000,000.00.....10,000 $100 bills....20 shoe boxes packed full of $100's....More cash than you could probably lift?? If that don't part you from your panties nothing will....Very bad business decision
+Karl Hans You've given it large throughout your nonsense "argument" with complete anonymity, and you're still going. I still can't figure out where I dug myself this mythical "hole". But at least it's coming from some faceless potato
+Dren L Are you stupid or trolling? Me staying incognito has nothing to do with this argument. Like I said, keep telling yourself you're brilliant, it keeps you from realizing you're an idiot. ignores
+Tom Bowman I can see what you're saying, we'd all jump at the chance of doing pretty much anything for £1,000,000. But think about the consequences. Virginity isn't a business decision. These women's choice has been put on the internet for the world to see. A decision like that would determine the rest of your life; your reputation, your conscience, your career opportunities, your personality, your relationship partners and your childrens' nurture. 
+Karl Hans I'm evidently the one trolling here, yeah. I never said I was brilliant but thanks for the inspirational quote, I will. Nice to see my last comment touched a nerve. Byeeeee

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