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7 Movie Poster Photoshop Disasters

7 Movie Poster Photoshop Disasters

Let's give the designers and marketing teams behind these posters a break. Assembling the cast members for a movie poster is a logistical nightmare. It's not like they were ever in one location where there were cameras and stuff.

Spiderman 2

What? This is a totally normal looking poster and OH MY GOD KIRSTEN DUNST'S LEFT ARM IS 10 FEET LONG AND MADE OF RUBBER.

Bangkok Dangerous

Show of hands, who here has actually seen this movie? Keep in mind that despite his hair, this is not a poster for The Sorcerer's Apprentice or Bad Lieutenant. Right, nobody has seen this. So there's no way we can prove that this flick was NOT about Nicholas Cage's giant freak hand.

What To Expect When You're Expecting

Can you believe they got all these megastars in one room at the same time? I mean, these are busy ladies who in no way would have time to enter a room in which depth perception and physics do not matter. Our hat is off to you, marketing team behind "What to Expect When You're Expecting."

The Bounty Hunter

"Okay, so we can't get both Gerard and Jen in the same room for a promo photo. Should we just photoshop them in with a simple design? Maybe just them looking over their shoulders at each other?"
"Don't be an idiot."
"Sorry... How about we make it look like Gerard is sitting on her calves?"
"Only if you make Jen's head twice the size of Gerard's."

December Boys

After that summer nothing would ever be the same. Like the career path of the airbrush-happy artist behind this poster. At least it was just one, right? Like they didn't make any more. Oh god they did...

Cool four seater motorbike, guys.

Good Luck Chuck

"What do you mean Jessica Alba doesn't want to spend an entire day with Dane Cook's naked body draped all over her? Wait, and what do you mean our photographer is sick? Ugh, fine. Just have some child draw it free-hand. And make sure there's no sign of chemistry between them. Wouldn't want to dupe the audience."

Nothing to Lose

I actually love this poster, if for no other reason than its graphic designer clearly wanted a challenge. The fact that he failed (miserably) is not the point. But that his inclination was to pick the most awkward, unnatural pose for his subjects is the sign of a true artist. However, "true" does not mean "good." Either way, the guy's an auteur.

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