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The COMPLETE and ULTIMATE TRUTH About The Food In McDonald’s…!


McDonald’s can be found in the school and on the ship, and in the hospital. Referring to history, in 1970, to this food in America were spent $ 6 billion a year while in 2001, this amount is more than 110 billion. This amount exceeds the cost of higher education, computers, cars. Also exceeds the cost of books, movies, magazines, newspapers, videos and music – combined. In today’s world you cannot hide from fast food. Each year, as much as 90% of the jobs belong only to McDonalds.Every year in the McDonald’s are hired one million people, with all this, it is a very small salary. Only the salary of the immigrants is lower than the one at McDonald’s.

Even the United Nations have recognized that McDonald’s is more dangerous than AIDS. Powerful, is it not? But even understanding the problem at the level of the UN does nothing. The case of McDonald’s is delayed, people grow fat and die, and the government of America continues to give its blessing to the distribution of this product. Why? I think the answer is obvious: McDonald brings huge tax deductions in the United States treasury, because this food (if it can be called such) has sat down, probably across half of the world. What is McDonald’s really like? Let us try to understand this together.

In 119 countries around the world there are 31,000 McDonald’s restaurants, which employ about 1.5 million people a day and serve approximately 58 million consumers with “nutritious” and “healthy” food…

Many people point out that the food in Mcdonald’s is actually a GMO food. The company McDonald’s annually spends nearly $2 billion just on advertisements and promotions trying to create the idea of ​​a “green” and “responsible” company. Offering junk toys and “attractive” packaging with aggressive advertising trying to attract children but also their parents. But behind the smiling mask of the clown Ronald, McDonald’s is trying to hide the truth …
And the truth is…

… said in one advertisement (published in 2010) which suggests that you could die from hamburgers from McDonald’s. For the video that will spoil the appetite of many visitors to the popular restaurant is responsible a group of American doctors, gathered at the PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine).

The story takes place in a morgue where a woman cries near the dead body of an overweight man holding a half of a hamburger. Then around his bare feet outlines the McDonald’s logo and the text “I Was Loving It” instead of the famous slogan “I’m Loving It”.

At the end of the ad you hear a voice that says: “High cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks … Tonight, eat vegetarian food” … As you can imagine, the administration at McDonald’s called this video scandalous, false and unfair.

And finally it begins to “reduce” and has a natural process of decay; the beef gets moldy and the bread becomesstaled. But what happens to the McDonald’s food? Even after a year, it looks fresh and inviting as the day you bought it … Of course, this is absolutely not normal.

Did you know that the company McDonald’s requests to process a “fresh lettuce leaf” with a dozen of different chemicals, to be kept as long as possible its “natural” flavor and color? Their potato contains a gallon of milk and wheat, while frying in oil is a pseudonym for an extract of beef placed in the “vegetable oil”.

In 2002 was known a case when a group of vegetarians sued McDonald’s because the “vegetarian fries” are fried in oil containing beef fat. Then it went out to the public also an information that even the dog food for your pet contains less fat, salt and sugar, unlike the one at McDonald’s, which makes ithealthier (yes, dog food is healthier than the food at McDonald’s!).

What does McDonald’sdo to the environment?

Do you know how many cows are needed to keep the world supplied with McDonald’s hamburgers? According to data from one of the symposium on the harmfulness of fast food, the results are as follows:

It takes about 22 tons of processed meat, which ultimately amounts to 952,285 cows a year! And these are only the data for the United States, what happens to the rest of the world? These cows are mostly grown in South America, because of which were cleaned many areas of tropical rainforests, which are crucial for the survival of people in the country (due to supply oxygen and water). Not to mention the 2,000 square kilometers of forests that are being cleared for obtaining paper in which they serve the food (and only for one year!).

An incredible secret hiding behind the “impeccable” food from McDonald’s

You have surely already heard of the numerous experiments which proved that McDonalds food for weeks remains the same, that it does not rot. It is a question which re-actualized a Canadian person who on the official site of the famous fast food chain has requested an explanation of the incorruptibility of different types of McDonald’s burgers.

The Canadian got a very “thorough” response from a competent person at McDonald’s noting that their food, under certain conditions, does rot: “In essence, the microbes that cause decay are similar to us, and they need water, nutrients, heat and time for growth and development. If there is one or more of these elements, the microbes cannot grow and cause decay”.

It is noted that McDonald’s hamburgers lose water in vapor form during the firing process. On a similar way they explain why their pastries do not rot. Toasting of pastries reduces the amount of moisture in them. In overall, hamburgers (the meat and the bread) remain dry and free of moisture after the preparation. When, for example, they are left open in a room, they continue to lose water. Therefore, in the absence of moisture, the burger just gets dry and does not rot.

Their unusual clarification goes a step further: “If we want to spoil the McDonald’s hamburger, you simply need to prevent moisture loss. It can be done so that the meat and other ingredients are prepared in a plastic foil or stored in places with high humidity.”

Some experts believe that it is illogical explanation that has absolutely no basis in science, and that McDonald’s food is most likely to contain substances that prevent decay so that the products last longer. These substances are usually not good for human health.

French fries taste like all of the rest at McDonald’s. Previously, it depended solely on the fat in which it was fried. For decades, it was a mixture of 7% cottonseed oil and 93% beef tallow. In 1990, the people turned against cholesterol, and fast food restaurants have switched to 100% vegetable oil. But the taste – that was something which needed to remain the same! Today, if you ask for information about the composition of the dishes at McDonald’s at the end of a long list you will find a modest “natural flavoring”…This is a universal explanation of why in fast food everything is so delicious…

Clients at McDonald’s turn into fatties in a few years. 54 million Americans are obese, 6 million are super fat – they are overweight at 100 pounds (45 kg). No nation in history has gained that much weight so quickly. In the meantime portions of fast food are rising. Offered are also the “three-decker” burger, the “Great American,” “Monster”, and Big Macs. Soda consumption is increased by 4 times. If in the 50’s the typical order of a soda equals to 230 g, now the “baby” portion is 340 g, and the adult is incredible 900 !!! People have become addicted to fat and sugar.

Obesity is the second leading cause of death next to smoking in the United States. Each year every 28 thousand people die from it.

Learn ever more about this “food” from the video below:

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