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Most Beautiful Female Politicians

Most Beautiful Female Politicians

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When it comes to politics, women are often a hot topic. As the United States presidential election rolls around, chances are that Hillary Clinton might become the first female president. It’s not just Hillary that’s making waves on the political scene, smart women all over the world are proving themselves worthy of power.

As more and more women enter the political circuit, we begin to see more of their photogenic faces in tabloids and on the news. This list of gorgeous politicians sets out to prove that politics doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Today, more than ever before, politics at all levels are riddled with beautiful and talented women. And if you weren’t into politics before, you will be after getting to the end of this list.

To quote Colonel Jessup from the 1992 classic, A Few Good Men, “There is nothing on this earth sexier, believe me, gentlemen, than a woman you have to salute in the morning.” If looks alone could win elections, then these women would never lose. Without further adieu, let’s jump right in with the stunning Italian Minister for Equal Opportunity, Maria Carfagna.

Maria Carfagna (Italy)

As mentioned earlier, Maria Carfagna is an Italian Minister for Equal Opportunity. Her title might be a little bit ironic, as not many other politicians stand a chance when comparing looks. The Italian born wasn’t always interested in politics, though. Before shifting gears and obtaining a law degree, Maria worked as a showgirl and model.
In her early years, Maria studied dance and piano – skills that, when paired with her breathtaking looks, allowed her to do quite well in the Miss Italy contest in 1997. Although she did not win the top prize, the experience opened a lot of doors for her and contributed to her popularity. Shortly after, she began working in television, where she experimented with various platforms.
Aside from her work on TV, Maria posed for several magazines, including a nude shoot for Maxim – an experience that she is reluctant to talk about. Eventually Carfagna concluded that modelling wasn’t for her (despite her coveted symmetry), and entered the political circuit as a representative for the women’s movement in the political party Forza Italia. She managed to work her way up the ranks, and was appointed as Minister for Equal Opportunity in 2008 – a position that she holds to this day.

Alina Kabaeva (Russia)

Since February of 2008, Alina Kabaeva has been the Chairman (or woman) of the National Media Group’s Public Council. Despite her rather influential position of power, Kabaeva is best known for her previous gymnastic career. The gorgeous politician was, at one point, one of the most decorated gymnasts in history. Kabaeva holds 25 European Championship meal, 14 world championship meals, and 2 olympic medals.
After retiring from rhythmic gymnastics, Kabaeva decided to get a taste of politics by representing the pro-Kremlin United Russia party. Everyone knows that extreme flexibility is an important asset for any serious politician, so Kabaeva managed to do quite well. Speaking of assets, Alina showed off hers on the cover of the January 2011, Vogue Russia magazine.
As a Member of Parliament, Kabaeva, has voted for a number controversial laws, for which she received some serious backlash. Some of the more notable controversies revolved around her ban of intercountry adoption (specifically of Russian orphans by U.S. families) and laws on the prohibition of “homosexual propaganda.” That said, regardless of whether or not you agree with Kabaeva’s politics, one thing is for certain, she’s a total babe.

Eva Kaili (Greece)

This isn’t the first time that Eva Kaili made a Top 10 list based on her looks. Back in 2012, British Daily Sun ranked the Greek beauty among the “Sexiest EU Female Politicians.” The author of the article wrote that “with assets like Eva, the Greeks seem less likely to make a drachma out of a crisis.” Aside from her looks, Kaili is often praised for her incredible leadership and education.
Much like the vast majority of the women listed here, Kaili didn’t start out in politics. After getting her undergraduate degree in architecture and engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Eva began working as a Journalist. While she worked in broadcasting, Kaili was awarded a Master of Arts degree by the University of Piraeus, and was shortly promoted to anchorwoman for a major Greek TV station.
Her television career lasted just a few year, and by the age of 30 she was pursuing politics. In 2009, Eva was elected as a member of the Hellenic Parliament – a feat that made her the youngest member to join Parliament. During her term, Eva served on nearly a dozen committees, and proved to be a tremendous leader.

Joanna Mucha (Poland)

We’re four beautiful politicians into the list, and by now you should be noticing a pattern form. Every woman listed so far has been a politician from a European country, which only further supports the stereotype of gorgeous European women. That said, Mrs. Mucha lends much more than just her stunning looks to the Polish politics. The liberal advocate also holds a Ph.D degree in economics from the University of Warsaw.
Until Mucha finally realized her political potential she worked as a middle school teacher. After shifting careers to legislature, Joanna Mucha moved around the political field of Poland for quite a bit, seemingly trying to find her place. She started her new career as a liberal politician and an economist, but managed to quickly climb to the top.
Mucha was elected to Sejm (the lower house of Polish Parliament) where she spent a few years as a congresswoman. She continued to wow the country, and her potential was recognized when she got appointed as the Minister of Sport and Tourism for the country. She held that position from November 201`1 to November 2012, before returning to congress.

Ruby Dhalla (Canada)

This Winnipeg born beauty (with obvious Indian descent) is a Canadian liberal. Her political career began in 2004, when she entered the Canadian House of Commons as a Brampton–Springdale riding representative. Fun fact – aside from being one of the most attractive Canadian politicians, Ruby was also the very first Sikh woman to serve in the House of Commons.
Dhalla always had a passion for politics, and stayed up to date with world events. When Ruby was just 10 years old, she wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of India, calling for an end of Sikh abuse in the country. The PM was so moved by the letter that he not only sent a heartfelt response, but also called a subsequent press conference to discuss Ruby’s concerns.
The compassionate (and stunning) Dhalla continued to win hearts, and eventually made her way to Canadian politics. During her time in Parliament, Dhalla focused heavily on humanitarian efforts – most prominently her Canada for Asia benefit, which raised a significant amount of money for victims of the tsunami disaster of January 2005. She also introduced a bill that would help recent Canadian immigrants find professional employment.

Luciana Leon (Peru)

Luciana Leon has been widely ranked as one of the most gorgeous politicians in the world, and we certainly can’t disagree. The stunner got her first taste of politics when she was still a young girl. At just 14 years old, Leon became General Secretary for the Aprista Party’s youth wing, where she served for two years. At 23, Leon was already an advisor to the Women’s commission, and shortly after an advisor to the Vice President of congress.
It didn’t take much longer for Leon to claw her way to the top. At the age of 31, she was elected Congresswoman representing Lima. This career move made Leon the youngest ever member of Peruvian parliament. She did quite well during her first term, so it’s no surprise that she we re-elected for another 5 year stretch in the 2011 election.
Despite her success as congresswoman, her first election faced a fair bit of controversy. A lot of outlets speculated that she was brought in to attract younger voters. That said, Luciana is not only beautiful, but she is also incredibly intelligent. The Peruvian holds a Master of Governance and Public Policy degree from the University of San Martin de Porres, as well as a law degree from the University of Lima.

Anna-Maria Galojan (Estonia)

If you’re into troublemakers, then Estonia’s Anna-Maria Galojan will probably be your favourite politician from this list. The young and gorgeous Galojan served as a leader of the youth section of the Estonian Reform Party, and eventually ran for congress. Her political career didn’t last very long, as she was convicted for embezzlement.
The legal case against Galojan stated that the politician embezzled more than 60,000 euros from European Movement Estonia – a non-profit organization that she was the CEO of. As the case broke in 2011, Galojan became a regular in the tabloids, earning herself the nickname of the “Estonian Swingler.” Interestingly enough, this wasn’t the peak of her popularity. Galojan’s name was all over the media back in 2009, after her appearance on the cover of Playboy magazine.
During the embezzlement scandal, Galojan described herself as a political refugee and moved to London, where she attempted to fight the extradition. Her legal team claimed that the money was misplaced before Galojan became CEO, but unfortunately (for her) they were unsuccessful at keeping her out of prison. Galojan was extradited back to Estonia in February of 2015, and was transferred to the Tallinn Prison, where she remains to this day.

Orly Levy (Israel)

Another gorgeous politician worthy of an honorable mention is Israel’s Orly Levy-Abekasis. Levy made her appearance on the political circuit back in 2009, when she entered the Knesset (Israeli parliament) after securing fifteen seats. From 2009, up until last year, Levy represented the faction of Yisrael Beiteinu.
Levy resigned from Yisrael Beiteinu earlier this year, citing “lack of attention to social affairs” as her primary reason for leaving. She has remained in politics to this day, but she isn’t currently associated with any particular party. Levy cares greatly about social issues, and for that she was appointed as the Chair of the Committee of the Rights of the Child for multiple consecutive terms.
Prior to becoming a politician, Levy showed off her beauty on the television screen as a local news host. It should also come as no surprise that Levy has a brief modelling career behind her, as well. Unfortunately (for all of the men reading this), this smoking right-winder is happily married with four children.

Yulia Tymoshenko (Ukraine)

This Ukrainian politician deserves an article of her own. For those not familiar with Ukrainian politics – Yulia Volodymyrivna Tymoshenko was a Prime Minister of Ukraine not once, but twice! During her time in office, Tymoshenko was easily the most beautiful head of state on the planet. Unfortunately, she lost her popularity in 2011 when she arrested on charges of embezzlement.
Let’s rewind. Before Tymoshenko became the first female Prime Minister of Ukraine she was a practicing economist and academic. After moving on from academia, Yulia had a brief stint in the gas industry, which, according to some sources, made her one of the richest people in the country (not without controversy).
Tymoshenko entered the political scene in 1996, when she was elected to parliament with more than 92% of the vote. During her time in office, Yulia co-led the Orange Revolution – which was a series of protests against electoral fraud in the presidential election of 2004. The campaign was so successful, that a revote was ordered by the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

Vera Lischka (Austria)

Vera Lischka is the second olympian gone politician on this list. Unlike the aforementioned Russian gymnast Alina Kabaeva, Vera was a professional breaststroke swimmer. She captured the European title for the 50 meter race in 1996, and competed for Austria in the Summer Olympics that same year.
Lischka continued swimming until 2001 (securing a total of 13 national title wins), at which point she retired and decided to seek a career change. The beautiful Austrian went back to school, where she (like many others listed here) studied Broadcast Journalism. Although she graduated with honours and received her degree, Lischka didn’t end up getting much use out of it. She decided to give politics a shot instead – a career move that paid off greatly.
In 2003, Lischka was elected to the Landtag of Upper Austria – a german-speaking version of “Parliament,” where she represents the Social Democratic Party of Austria. Vera remains an active member of congress to this day, and she’s still widely regarded as one of the most attractive leftists in the European Union.

Sethrida Geagea (Lebanon)

Sethrida Tawk Geagea is a Lebanese politician representing the Lebanese Forces (formerly the Christian Militia). Sethrida had an interesting trip on her way up. Being always interested in politics and human rights ended up paying off when she met the leader of the Lebanese Forces, and her now husband, Samir Geagea. The two got hitched in 1991, and in 1993 Sethrida complete her political science degree.
About a year after her graduation, the Lebanese Forces Party (LF) was disbanded, and her husband was imprisoned by Syrian control. The faithful Sethrida decided that she wouldn’t go down without a fight, so she challenged the resistance for more than eleven years. Syrian forces eventually withdrew from Lebanon and her husband was given back his freedom.
Many agree that Sethrida played an important role in helping Lebanon preserve its independence and sovereignty. As a prominent LF figure, Sethrida proved that while Lebanon was going through a period of extreme resistance, the right-wing party was still just as active as it once was. Today, the gorgeous Lebanese leader is a member of parliament representing the district of Bsharri.

Michela Vittoria Brambilla (Italy)

Michela Brambilla is an Italian businesswoman and politician. Born into a powerful family of steel manufacturers going back four generations, Michela is pretty much set for life. Despite being an heir to the family fortune, the gorgeous Brambilla decided to pursue a career of her own. Before entering politics, though, Brambilla worked as a television journalist for Berlusconi’s Mediaset group.
After shifting her focus to politics, Brambilla managed to quickly rise to national prominence. Being named president of the under-40 entrepreneurs council definetly helped her popularity. Her connections with the Berlusconi Mediaset group allowed the young and ambitious politician the opportunity to work closely with Silvio Berlusconi (president of the Forza Italia party) himself.
Many media outlets dub Brambilla as a likely successor of Berlusconi as the leader of the Italian centre-right. It’s hard to say how much substance the rumour has, considering Brambilla herself has denied these allegations. It seems that the stunning politician is still looking to find a spot for herself. In 2007 she launched Freedom TV, a satellite channel featuring professionals and experts on all topics, and the endeavour has proven quite successful so far.

Queen Rania (Jordan)

Widely considered to be one of the most powerful women in the world, Jordanian Queen Rania Al Abdullah also happens to be among the most beautiful politicians. In fact, the Harpers and Queen magazine ranked the Queen as the most beautiful consort in the world. Queen Rania is much more than just a pretty face, though. Since marrying the King of Jordan, Rania has become known (and commended) for her advocacy work.
The most notable area of her work is easily related to her efforts in the education sector. She opened a number of museums, launched a program of refurbishing 500 schools, and pioneered her own annual teachers’ award – the Queen Rania Award for Excellence in Education. Aside from reforming Jordanian education, Queen Rania is heavily involved in community empowerment.
When the Queen was just 24 years old, she had already established the Jordan River Foundation which set out to improve children’s welfare. The Queen continued pushing for the cause, and worked alongside a number of other world leaders in an effort to advance her agenda. Aside from children’s welfare, the Queen remains extremely dedicated to various sectors of Jordanian society.

Julia Bonk (Germany)

Julia Bonk is a Left Party politician in the Landtag (parliament) of Saxony. The now thirty year old became the youngest member of German parliament when her peers were just starting to vote. Entering the Landtag at just 18 is no easy task, but the gorgeous Bonk was always up for a challenge.
She began expressing her interest in politics at the age of 14, when she first became a member of the Dresden City Student Council. Shortly after joining the student council, Bonk was elected as its Vice-Speaker for the State of Saxy. When she finally graduated high school, Bonk was already well versed in politics, but she decided to solidify her knowledge by formally studying Politics and History at TU Dresden.
As she was studying towards her degree she was already a member of the Landtag of Saxony. Her election to the parliament led to a lot of media coverage, and a local newspaper reported that at least 87 international newspapers printed her picture. Bonk continued to impress, and just two years later she became an official member of Left Party.

Belinda Stronach (Canada)

Although Belinda Stronach has recently retired from politics, her stunning looks have earned her an honourable mention. The businesswoman and philanthropist is not only gorgeous, but she is also widely believed to be one of the most powerful women in Canadian politics. In 2002, Fortune magazine also ranked Stronach as the second most powerful woman in business.
Before retiring, Stronach was a Member of Parliament in the Canadian House of Commons, where she took on a number of different roles. Belinda began her political career as a conservative, but eventually started batting for the other side (Liberals). During her time in the House of Commons, she was first appointed as the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, and later as the Minister of Democratic Renewal.
After leaving politics, Belinda served as the vice-chairman for Canada’s largest car part manufacturer – Magna International. Aside from her role at Magna, Belinda continues to serve as president of the Stronach Group, which holds the title of “largest thoroughbred racing company in North America”. Her impressive resume continues, but instead of going on and on by listing her accolades, it’s probably fair to say that the Canadian beauty has no financial concerns of any kind.

Hina Rabbani Khar (Pakistan)

The stunning Hina Rabbani Khar has been dazzling Pakistani politics since she first became the member of the National Assembly of Pakistan in 2002. She has since held a number of other roles in government, including Minister of State for Finance and Economics Affairs, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, and finally, Minister of Foreign Affairs – a position that she she held until March of 2013.
Like the rest of the women listed here, Hina is very well educated. She got her first degree (with honours) in Economics from the Lahore University of Management Studies, and subsequently a Masters degree in Business Management from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
As she was wrapping up with her education, Hina was already an established speaker. Her persuasive nature caught the eye of the Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, who then appointed her to the Finance Ministry. The gorgeous Pakistani leader is not only a looker, but she has proven to be a very competent politic. Interesting note – Hina Khar attracted a fair bit of media attention, considering that she was the first female foreign minister in Pakistan.

Sarah Palin (United States)

The Tina Fey lookalike made a lot of millennials care about politics for the very first time. Her career journey from a mayor of small-town Alaska, to nearly becoming the first female president of the United States was inspiring to say the least. Despite failing to clinch the presidency, Palin became the first woman ever to be nominated for the vice presidency. Although she didn’t end up getting that either, she did get a pretty sweet book deal and sold over two million copies.
Before becoming a political heavyweight, Palin attended the University of Hawaii at Hilo. She’s attended a number of other academic institutions before finally receiving her bachelor’s degree in communications, with an emphasis on journalism from the University of Idaho. After graduating, Palin began her career in television as a sportscaster in Anchorage.
After leaving TV, Palin finally was elected to the Wasilla City Council in 1992. A few years later she became the town’s Mayor. Her career continued to snowball, and she eventually became the first (and youngest) woman to be elected as Governor of Alaska. After backing a few presidential campaigns, Palin transitioned her way back to television. For the last five years Palin worked for Fox News, where she provides political commentary.

Alena Arshinova (Russia)

You can bet that politics starts to get interesting when ex-models join the scene – enter the Russian beauty Alena Arshinova. Aside from walking the runway, the gorgeous German-born, Russian is a sociologist and politician. Today she is the Deputy of the State Duma, which is the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia.
Before realizing her political potential, Alena Arshinova studied sociology. She received her degree from the state university of Transnistria. While she was studying, Alena became interested in politics, and led Proriv (translated breakthrough). The Proriv is a political youth organization focusing on defending the independence of Transnistria, which remains a partially recognized state to this day.
After completing her undergraduate, Arshinova made her way to Lomonosov University in Moscow, where she pursued a Masters degree in sociology. Her dissertation of youth extremism in Russia attracted a lot of attention, and opened a lot of doors in Russian politics. In 2010, the stunner officially entered Russian politics as the co-chairman of the Young Guard of United Russia, and a year later she contested a seat in the State Duma.

Virginia Raggi (Italy)

By now we can all agree that Italian politics is riddled with gorgeous women, and Virginia Raggi is no different. Not only is this Italian politician a total babe, but she is also incredibly intelligent. Raggi studied judicial and extrajudicial civil law the Roma Tre University, where she excelled academically.
Raggi entered politics through the Five Star Movement (5SM) – an Italian anti-corruption party. After joining a few local boards and making some waves, Raggi was elected to Rome city council. Since the 5SM is relatively small, Raggi was only one of four people elected in 2013. The Economist described Raggi as a “talented debater”, so her communication talent was definitely an asset.
Earlier this year Raggi decided to run for Mayor, promising to combat corruption. She, along with the 5SM came first in the first round, securing more than 35% of the vote. The second round of voting took place in June, and Raggi completely obliterated her competition, clinching the vote with 67.2% of the population on her side. Raggi assumed office on June 22, 2016 and became the first ever female to become Mayor of Rome.

Vanja Hadzovic (Serbia)

We’ve finally come to the end of our list, and couldn’t think of a person more suitable for the #1 spot than the stunning Vanja Hadzovic. The breathtaking Serbian diplomat found herself in the middle of multiple scandals a few years ago (more on that later). Despite becoming a Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia at just 27, the bombshell was in the news for all the wrong reasons.
The first scandal that put Hadzovic’s political career in jeopardy was the Blic (Serbian tabloid) incident. Although it’s hard to tell exactly what went down, Blic ended up publishing a set of revealing, but not nude, photographs of the young diplomat. The story goes that Vanja posted semi-nude pictures on Facebook – showing off what God gave her. Apparently she didn’t realize that her privacy settings were turned off, which is ironic considering that she holds a degree in media management.
Who are we to judge Vanja for showing off what God gave her? Well, the media decided to make a big deal about it, placing her career in grave danger. Hadzovic did not comment on the scandal, but a number of public figures came to her defence. One MP described Vanja as a person who “conscientiously carries out her everyday duties.”

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