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Hottest Female Trainers in America

The 50 Hottest Female Trainers in America

We found your new fitness muse, now you tell us which strong, fit woman is your favoriteShape Editors

Say Hello to Your New Girl Crush


Last year we searched the U.S. for Top 50 Hottest Trainers in America (hey, it's a hard job, but someone has to do it), and when we introduced you to the guys, you loved them. That's why we're back this year with another group to share with you: super fit females. These women will inspire you to give every workout your all with their fitness philosophies and amazing bodies built by strength training, yoga, Pilates, you name it.

Now we need you to tell us who is your favorite: Click on the "Like" button below the photo of the woman who takes your fitspiration to a whole new level. [Tweet this gallery of amazing women!] And be sure to check out the 50 Hottest Male Trainers in America  to vote for your No. 1 man too!

Natalie Uhling


30, elite performance trainer, New York, NY

Fitness philosophy: A strong core makes you lethal!
Pull-ups before exhaustion: 20
Biggest gym pet peeve: Wearing wedge sneakers to group fitness classes. You will end up breaking your ankle!
Hidden talent: I am pretty good with hair—I can do a mean fishtail braid. I would love to go to cosmetology school one day.
Favorite post-workout snack: Green juice
Working out with your guy: It’s a great idea because they see how women train and realize that their old-school mentality is not cutting it anymore. Reality check!
Sweat: turn-on or turn-off: I am attracted to healthy people. Sweating is our body’s way of releasing toxins.
Celebrity crush: Tom Brady
Favorite “manly” workout: I crush all the “men,” so there is no workout that is too “manly” for me.
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @natalieuhling
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Nicole Chaplin


35, personal trainer, Miami, FL

Fitness philosophy: No matter who we are, we all should be exercising. It’s imperative that we engage in some form of consistent physical activity in order to maintain a healthy mind and body.
Pull-ups before exhaustion: 15
Biggest gym pet peeve: Not wiping the machines after working out
Hidden talent: I can really twerk well.
Celebrity crush: Nas
Relationship status: Single
Follow: @nicolechaplin
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Heidi Kristoffer


31, yoga instructor, New York, NY

Fitness philosophy: 1. Do what you want. Do what makes you come alive. Do what inspires you. Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you feel amazing. Connect inward every day to see what will make you feel that way, and do that. 2. Don't forget to have fun! If it's not fun for you, you won't stick with it (and, plus, what's the point if you aren't having fun?), so make sure you have a blast doing your activity of choice—and remember it is a choice. 3. Work with your body, not against it. If you move with ease through any activity, you will grow and get stronger than you could ever imagine. Pushing and forcing lead to injury. Bend, don't break—ease is where it's at.
Biggest gym pet peeve: People invading others’ space. Your workout should be your experience, and your experience alone. When people do things to take away from that, that is uncool. When you are working out in a community, you should do your best to allow everyone to have his or her own experience. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
Hidden talent: Singing. I used to be in musical theatre, and I love to sing along (and maybe dance a little jig!) to every song on my playlist.
Celebrity crush: Channing Tatum: He's got moooves, now he surfs, and he does yoga with his pregnant wife? Yes, please!
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @heidikristoffer
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Tara Tira


28, yoga instructor, San Francisco, CA

Fitness philosophy: Balance is key to a healthy lifestyle. It's important to incorporate variety in your daily fitness for your body and mind to feel good. Yoga helps balance strength and flexibility so you can continue to do the other activities you enjoy in life. A healthy body allows for a creative, energetic, and happy heart.
Pushups before exhaustion: 50
Best race time: 1:45:57 half marathon
Hidden talent: Cliff diving (I’m on the Red Bull tour)
Favorite post-workout snack: Peanut butter and banana smoothie
Working out with your guy: It’s a fantastic idea. Work out hard together, relax, and enjoy being lazy together.
Sweat: turn-on or turn-off: Total turn-on. Drenched, please!
Celebrity crush: Free skier Rory Bushfield
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @tarahyer
To learn more: Watch Tara’s video demo.

Jessica Matthews


30, exercise science professor, personal trainer, health coach, San Diego, CA

Fitness philosophy: Fitness to me is much more than what I do in the gym or on my yoga mat—fitness is a way of life. It's the way that I think, the way that I move my body, the way that I interact with and inspire people, and the way that I enjoy each and every moment of each and every day.
Best race time: 1:59 half marathon
Biggest gym pet peeve: Arrogance. The gym should be a positive place where people can learn, grow, thrive, and improve themselves physically and mentally. We should be working to build each other up at the gym instead of trying to make people feel intimidated or insecure because they might not be at a high level of fitness.
Hidden talent: I can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order. I learned that in first grade and still remember it to this day.
Most overhyped fitness craze? Anything that promises results overnight
Sweat: turn-on or turn-off: Turn-on. I teach hot yoga, so sweat doesn't phase me in the least bit. It's all a part of the process.
Favorite “manly” workout: CrossFit; I dig kettlebells and barbells.
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @fitexpertjess

Olivia Figueroa


23, fitness trainer, West Palm Beach, FL

Fitness philosophy: Just move! Everybody is different, and it's important to find something that works for you and stick with it. Fitness should be a positive and fun part of your day that you look forward to.
Pull-ups before exhaustion: 15
Pushups before exhaustion: 25
Hidden talent: Putting together awesome music mixes. I pretend I'm a DJ.
Working out with your guy: Absolutely the best. As a couple, you should be able to encourage one another, and releasing endorphins together adds excitement.
Celebrity crush: Reggie Bush
Relationship status: Single
Follow: @livfigueroa

Christina Jensen


29, personal trainer, New York, NY

Fitness philosophy: Working out should be fun! There is nothing better than having clients either take my class or come to train with me, and leave feeling better and happier than when they walked in.
Biggest gym pet peeve: When people leave dirty tissues and towels all over the equipment and floor
Hidden talent: I am really good at impersonations. Only close friends and family see this talent in action, though.
Favorite post-workout snack: I love beef jerky and make it at home all the time to have around to grab for a snack.
Working out with your guy: My boyfriend is actually my trainer. I found that it is incredible for our relationship to work out together because you are both working toward a common and healthy goal.
Favorite “manly” workout: Sled-push Intervals
Relationship status: In a relationship
Follow: @TinaAJensen3
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Jessica Smith


34, certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, wellness coach, Miami, FL

Fitness philosophy: Life is hard enough, fitness should be fun! The best thing you can do to get fit is find something you enjoy doing. Since consistency is the key to success with any workout, if you can find movement you connect with, you'll be more likely to stick with it over time.
Working out with your guy: My husband and I are very yin and yang, which can be beneficial for our partner workouts since we each bring a different energy to them. Often though we prefer to each do our own thing (I usually prefer morning workouts, for example, and he comes alive in the evenings), which allows us the freedom to train in exactly the way we want to. I think the decision to workout together really depends on the couple and the two personalities—if it works for you, go for it! If it doesn't, that's okay too.
Celebrity crush: My husband is “celebrity” to me. He's a fourth-degree black belt and an amazing kickboxing instructor. He inspires me in everything I do.
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @jessicasmithtv
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Kourtney Thomas

30, personal trainer, running coach, St. Louis, MO

Fitness philosophy: My fitness philosophy is all about lagniappe—because sometimes all it takes is a little extra to make life a lot better! I'm all about helping you find your extra. It doesn’t have to be a major life overhaul. It’s all about those little moments, the little connections that really make a person feel good about themselves.
Best race time: 4:16:25 marathon
Biggest gym pet peeve: Reading or texting on the elliptical or treadmill. If you can read on a machine, your intensity is not where it needs to be to get any sort of an actual workout. I also cringe when I see someone doing a crunch routine from 1986!
Hidden talent: Singing
Favorite post-workout snack: Smoothie made with frozen fruit, spinach, and yogurt
Celebrity crush: Gordon Ramsay
Favorite “manly” workout: Anything strength and conditioning—football drills, high-speed sprints, and plyometrics
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @KThomasFitness
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Jaime McFaden

29, personal trainer, dance teacher, Redwood City, CA

Fitness philosophy: Finding ways to embrace your body and know that healthy comes in all shapes is so important. It may take a little longer, but the results from hard work and patience last. It is a science, and spending some time being your own science project is so important.
Pull-ups before exhaustion: 15
Biggest gym pet peeve: When a guy tries to as me out during my workout. At least wait until I'm done with a set!
Hidden talent: I can do 20 character voices.
Celebrity crush: Joe Manganilleno
Relationship status: Single
Follow: @Wheybyj
Facebook: Whey by J
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Katie Cox

32, personal trainer, Hendersonville, NC

Fitness philosophy: I don't care about numbers; I care about change.
Pull-ups before exhaustion: 11
Biggest gym pet peeve: When people strut to the water fountain 20 times during a workout whilst watching their fine forms in the mirror. Cracks me right up.
Hidden talent: I can do a pistol squat on top of a kettlebell.
Favorite post-workout snack: An orange raw bell pepper eaten like an apple
Most overhyped fitness craze: Zumba
Working out with your guy: Not on a regular basis—I need to find my zone.
Celebrity crush: Ashton
Relationship status: Married

Astrid Swan

32, personal trainer, master bootcamp instructor, Los Angeles, CA

Fitness philosophy: Be 90 percent ready. Work out and eat right 90 percent of the time, and you will never have to crash diet or spend hours at the gym because you have an event coming up—and you have 10 percent to let loose!
Pull-ups before exhaustion: 10
Biggest gym pet peeve: Saying you can't do it without even trying
Favorite post-workout snack: Flax crackers and almond butter
Sweat: turn-on or turn-off: Turn-on as long as it doesn't splash on me.
Celebrity crush: Ryan Gosling
Favorite “manly” workout: Aren’t all workouts equal?
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @astrid_swan
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Katherine Mason

24, personal trainer, Pilates reformer instructor, New York, NY

Fitness philosophy: Fitness, wellness, and health should be a lifestyle. Routinely spending time for your mental and physical well-being is the best gift that you can give yourself. You can handle life’s biggest challenges with confidence and tenacity when you have a healthy mind.
Pushups before exhaustion: 40
Best race time: 22-minute 5K
Biggest gym pet peeve: Girls who don't wear their hair up in the gym. You are there to sweat, so put it up, sista!
Hidden talent: I can play the flute—but I’m probably pretty rusty.
Working out with your guy: There is something very attractive, masculine, and sexy about seeing your guy push himself at the gym. I also like to make sure he can keep up.
Celebrity crush: Tom Brady
Relationship status: Single
Follow: @KatherineMason
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Ella Magers

33, fitness and wellness coach, Miami Beach, FL

Fitness philosophy: I believe in helping people create a fit and healthy lifestyle that will keep them active and looking and feeling good for years to come. The mind-body connection is real and needs to be addressed when helping people do away with unhealthy habits.
Pushups before exhaustion: 25
Hidden talent: Pole dancing. I used to teach it at Crunch in L.A., so people in Miami don't know!
Favorite post-workout snack: A vegan organic protein superfood shake: unsweetened almond milk, banana, hemp and flax seeds, dates, kale, and raw almond butter
Most overhyped fitness craze: Low-carb diets
Working out with your guy: For me, it’s a bad idea. If I lead the workout, I turn into the trainer, which is not working out "together," and I will get annoyed if he doesn't want to do certain exercises. If he leads, I tend to think I could come up with a more efficient workout, so I get annoyed and that's no fun for anyone.
Sweat: turn-on or turn-off: Turn-on. But then go shower!
Relationship status: Single
Follow: @sexyfitvegan
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Jessi Kneeland

27, personal trainer, fitness coach, New York, NY

Fitness philosophy: Moving your body should feel good. It's a gift you can give yourself. I encourage my clients to find the joy, lift heavy, and get strong. The process of getting stronger physically makes you stronger mentally and emotionally, and its empowering effect spills over into everyday life. Shifting the focus away from what your body looks like to what it can do fosters body-positivity and self-confidence—and the world sure needs more of that.
Biggest gym pet peeve: I don't really have any peeves, but it breaks my heart to see people punishing themselves. Too many women hate their bodies and try to bully them into looking different with hours of cardio. There is a better way to train, and there is definitely a better way to feel about yourself.
Hidden talent: I rhyme. Sometimes I tweet rhyming fitness advice.
Favorite post-workout snack: Vanilla, banana, and cinnamon protein shake
Celebrity crush: I have a girl-crush on Jennifer Lawrence.
Relationship status: Single
Follow: @jessikneeland
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Amanda Butler

29, HIIT instructor, personal trainer, New York, NY

Fitness philosophy: Variety! Keep your body guessing, that way it is harder to plateau.
Pushups before exhaustion: 60
Favorite post-workout snack: My oatmeal energy balls: oatmeal, natural peanut butter, chia seeds, vanilla, honey, cinnamon, and mini chocolate chips
Most overhyped fitness craze: Nothing is overhyped if it gets people on their feet and moving.
Working out with your guy: Great idea. I work out with my fiancé five days a week. He pushes me and holds me accountable, but it is also a wonderful sweaty bonding time.
Celebrity crush: Shakira
Relationship status: Engaged
Follow: @AmandaButlerNYC
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Nora Tobin

26, certified personal trainer, performance enhancement specialist, fitness nutrition specialist, Santa Barbara, CA

Fitness philosophy: To provide women the tools and inspiration to take small, attainable steps to improve their physical and mental wellbeing through efficient workouts, a diet rich in whole foods, and daily meditations for a positive mindset.
Pull-ups: 12
Biggest gym pet peeve: I can't stand when people are constantly on their phones at the gym. It's the time to disconnect, regroup, and get fired up. Why be distracted during the time you set aside for yourself?
Hidden talent: Baking healthy cookies that taste like the real deal
Most overhyped fitness craze: Barefoot long-distance running
Sweat: turn-on or turn-off: Turn-off
Celeb crush: The one and only Ben Affleck
Favorite “manly” workout: 300 workout or Olympic lifts
Relationship status: In a relationship
Follow: @NoraTobin
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Kathy Glabicky

39, ACE personal trainer, founder of Kathy G’s Tread Tabata, Boston, MA

Fitness philosophy: Everything in moderation. Live life, have fun, but be healthy.
Best race time: 4:20 marathon
Biggest gym pet peeve: People who post to Facebook that they went to gym. Great, psyched you are working out, but why don't you post a goal you accomplished instead?
Hidden talent: Blackjack
Favorite post-workout snack: Oatmeal with scoop of almond butter
Most overhyped fitness craze: There are too many types of barre classes now.
Working out with your guy: Good idea. You compete and everyone pushes harder.
Celebrity crush: Taylor Kitsch
Relationship status: Married
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Alex Curtis

23, yoga instructor, Los Angeles, CA

Fitness philosophy: I believe in fitness as a tool to empowerment. Being able to connect to your body on different levels through different fitness channels is an incredible experience. Fitness is a huge part of living a healthy and productive life. Pushing yourself to new limits brings confidence and new self-awareness. Indulging in your favorite activity allows you the chance to escape from the stress and troubles of everyday life and just be with yourself.
Hidden talent: Flexibility
Working out with your guy: Good idea, most times. It is a way for us to connect without being physical or talking to each other. We get to spend time together, doing an activity we each love. And who doesn't love a little friendly competition?
Celebrity crush: Ryan Gosling
Relationship status: Single
Follow: @aecurtis10
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Kelly LeVeque

31, personal trainer, yoga instructor, Los Angeles, CA

Fitness philosophy: Be well. Be beautiful. Be you!
Biggest gym pet peeve: Don't you love when someone has a 30-minute catch-up call with their best friend on the treadmill over? I sure do! And what about the high-top tennis shoes in the gym? What is that?
Hidden talent: I can create a mean "updo." I did all my friends’ hair for prom.
Favorite post-workout snack: Apples and almond butter or bison meatballs with mustard
Most overhyped fitness craze: Nothing. Anything that gets you moving is good for blood sugar balance.
Working out with your guy: Couples who workout together increase their emotional bond, push each other harder, hold one another accountable, increase the happiness in their relationship, and end up in the sack more. I am all for it!
Celebrity crush: Roger Federer
Favorite “manly” workout: Kettlebells
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @bewellbykelly
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Lisa Kinder

30, fitness trainer, Beverly Hills, CA

Fitness philosophy: Healthy is the new sexy. Commit and be about it.
Pushups before exhaustion: 50
Best race time: 45-minute 10K
Most overhyped fitness craze: Respectfully, as long as the craze is safe and gets people moving from a sedentary lifestyle, I support the movement.
Working out with your guy: Good, it's a great way to build a healthy fitness lifestyle together. Support each other's growth, success and challenges.
Celebrity crush: Jessica Biel
Relationship status: In a relationship
Follow: @Lisamariekinder
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Jena Kirby

26, personal trainer, spin instructor, Topeka, KS

Fitness philosophy: It's not easy, but it's worth it.
Pull-ups before exhaustion: 11
Pushups before exhaustion: 40
Biggest gym pet peeve: Guys throwing the weights on the floor trying to look tough. I think they look ridiculous.
Most overhyped fitness craze: No-carb diet
Working out with your guy: Great idea! He can motivate and help spot you for lifting heavy.
Celebrity crush: Chris Hemsworth—big muscles!
Relationship status: Married
Facebook: Jena Kirby

Lisa Snow

24, personal trainer, Los Angeles, CA

Fitness philosophy: Fitness is not only physical strength, it is a lot of mental strength as well. The same voice that says “give up” can also be trained to say “keep going!”
Best race time: 6-minute mile
Hidden talent: I can ballroom dance.
Favorite post-workout snack: A banana with almond butter
Most overhyped fitness craze: Paleo diet
Working out with your guy: In my case it would be working out with my girl, and I think it's a good idea. You aren't afraid to push your significant other!
Celebrity crush: Sara Ramirez
Relationship status: Engaged
Follow: @LisaSnow01
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Serena Tom

33, yoga instructor, New York, NY

Fitness philosophy: Each day is another chance to change your life. Giving up or throwing in the towel could mean missing the chance to attack weaknesses and conquer them.
Pushups before exhaustion: 40
Hidden talent: I am fluent in French.
Most overhyped fitness craze: Relying on juice cleanses to lose weight. In the end, it is a combination of healthy eating and working out that pays off.
Working out with your guy: It is a great idea to work out with your guy because couples that work out together stay together! It creates mutual feelings of cooperation, supportive and encouraging spirit, and shared passion.
Celebrity crush: Kellan Lutz
Relationship status: Single
Facebook: Serena Tom

Rebecca Hayes

34, personal trainer, taekwondo instructor, Cape Coral, FL

Fitness philosophy: You get what you give! I learned at a young age that talent will only get you so far. Through continual dedication and an incredible work ethic, one will prosper. Most importantly, this applies to your character. Perseverance, humility, and giving to others are the keys to success in life and in sport.
Pushups before exhaustion: 60
Working out with your guy: Good and bad idea. My husband is my rock and provides the tough love I sometimes need to get through training and tournaments. On the other hand, we are so competitive, we can't even play a fun game of tennis without turning it into the Wimbledon finals!
Favorite “manly” workout: Jiu Jitsu. I married into this martial art and have learned to love the satisfaction of "tapping someone out."
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @MAX_Training_
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Nicole Kreiser

36, wellness coach, Maitland, FL

Fitness philosophy: One must work on themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to become healthy and whole.
Pull-ups before exhaustion: 12
Biggest gym pet peeve: When guys do not take off the plates after doing leg presses
Hidden talent: Making people smile when they are in a bad mood
Favorite post-workout snack: Prunes
Most overhyped fitness craze: Low- or no-carb diets
Working out with your guy: It depends on who is leading the workout. I can be a little bossy!
Relationship status: Single
Facebook: Nicole Kreiser

Katy Clark

38, personal trainer, wellness educator, Long Beach, CA

Fitness philosophy: Hard work works. Three babies later, my body did not come from long walks or some five-minutes-a-day workout. I tell my clients that they have to reach their “piss point” about how they feel about themselves, and then they need to stay there on that momentum. Healthy always loves you back. No one ever complained about feeling great, looking good, and rocking her jeans!
Pushups before exhaustion: 27
Hidden talent: I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue.
Favorite post-workout snack: Omelet with spinach and mushrooms topped with microgreens, avocado, and sliced tomato; served with kombucha
Most overhyped fitness craze: Anything they claims will work in five minutes
Celebrity crush: Alex O'Laughlin
Favorite “manly” workout: Leg day in the rack using a free bar
Relationship status: Divorced
Follow: @Fitchefkaty
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Sara Sutherland

33, personal trainer, yoga instructor, Kansas City, MO

Fitness philosophy: Work hard and lift heavy! There are 168 hours in every week. The time you spend in the gym is a very small percentage of your overall day (5 percent), so focusing on proper nutrition and sleep as well as managing stress are all key components to your overall health. Every hour matters.
Pushups before exhaustion: 41
Best race time: 2:21 half marathon
Working out with your guy: Bad idea! I turn everything into a competition with my husband. We are better off going to the gym separately.
Favorite post-workout snack: Protein shake and a Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tart
Celebrity crush: Peyton Manning
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @_SaraSutherland
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Jill Diorio

35, CrossFit coach, Worcester, MA

Fitness philosophy: Work hard and have fun while doing it.
Pull-ups before exhaustion: 21
Best race time: 4:13 marathon
Biggest gym pet peeve: People who say, "I can't"
Hidden talent: Crushing heavy squats, double-unders, handstand push-ups
Most overhyped fitness craze: Yoga
Working out with your guy: Good idea. Have fun with each other and reach goals together.
Celebrity crush: Mark Wahlberg
Relationship status: It's complicated

Lauren Roxburgh

36, Pilates, yoga, and mind/body expert, Santa Monica, CA

Fitness philosophy: Our physical bodies are a direct reflection of our emotional selves.
Pull-ups before exhaustion: 10
Pushups before exhaustion: 50
Best race time: 24.7-second 50-meter freestyle swim
Biggest gym pet peeve: Overworking the wrong muscles and creating muscular imbalances
Favorite post-workout snack: Walnuts
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @Loroxburgh
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Chelsea Vincent

26, barre, yoga, and spin instructor, Sherman Oaks, CA

Fitness philosophy: You have to constantly be willing to get out of your comfort zone if you want to grow. I tell my clients to try new workouts, ask questions, and surround themselves with people who will inspire and motivate them to do something besides what they are used to. Change is where results live.
Pushups before exhaustion: 55
Hidden talent: Whistling
Favorite post-workout snack: Raw chocolate pudding
Working out with your guy: Men and women often think that the different fitness modalities are gender-tailored, or that functional training is great for men and barre is great for women. My man and I continue to learn new moves and ways of working the human body through checking out the other's workout from time to time.
Sweat: turn-on or turn-off: Totally a turn-on. Sweat tells me that someone is invested in his or her health enough to stop worrying about the visual.
Relationship status: In a relationship
Follow: @cevincen
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Jessica Barber

28, personal trainer, fitness instructor, Mocksville, NC

Fitness philosophy: Every workout and every rep should have a purpose and a goal. If you get yourself into that mindset, you will never regret any workout. Train hard, play hard!
Pull-ups before exhaustion: 10
Hidden talent: I can pick up song lyrics after listening twice.
Most overhyped fitness craze: Crossfit
Working out with your guy: Awesome idea because it helps boost your bond over a common passion and keeps you on your toes to always do your best every workout.
Sweat: turn-on or turn-off: Turn-on!
Celebrity crush: Liam Hemsworth
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @TorqueFitness

Jen Sinkler

35, personal trainer, Minneapolis, MN

Fitness philosophy: When you pay attention to which fitness pursuits you thoroughly enjoy, you will notice a difference in how you look, feel, move, live, and maybe even love. In short, you will live a more fulfilling life.
Pushups before exhaustion: 60
Best race time: 5-second-flat 40-yard dash
Hidden talent: I used to play rugby for the U.S. women's national team, so I can tackle and stiff-arm people like a champ.
Most overhyped fitness craze: The Tracy Anderson Method
Celebrity crush: Ed Burns
Favorite “manly” workout: Bear Complex
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @jensinkler
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Nicole Rand

39, yoga instructor, running coach, Boston, MA

Fitness philosophy: Try everything, then do what you love and what inspires you. Fitness is about feeling empowered and strong, sending oxygen through your body and brain, calming the nervous system, and lubricating the joints.
Pushups before exhaustion: 30
Best race time: 1:45 half marathon
Biggest gym pet peeve: People with terrible form. Proper form is where results are born. Also when women ask me questions in the locker room. I like questions—just not from someone who is stark-naked.
Favorite post-workout snack: Avocado-coconut smoothie
Working out with your guy: Some guys are so competitive that it makes the workout stressful. But if he's supportive of you and maybe a little turned on by your prowess at the gym, it can be a lot of fun!
Celebrity crush: Justin Timberlake
Relationship status: Widowed
Follow: @NicoleJohan

Laine D'Souza

39, CrossFit Level 1 coach, endurance coach, Baron Baptise Yoga and Stott Pilates trained, Lady Lake, FL

Fitness philosophy: Challenge and honor your body by listening, for it’s a wise and beautiful creature capable of many magnificent feats.
Pull-ups before exhaustion: 15
Biggest gym pet peeve: People quitting on themselves
Working out with your guy: It’s good, as it is a dream to flip tires with my encouraging, hot, shirtless man in the Florida heat. Even if he gets bossy, we have a tiff and learn something about the relationship and ourselves. The makeup is worth the tiff.
Celebrity crush: Rafael Nadal
Favorite “manly” workout: Fran (CrossFit)
Relationship status: In a relationship

Cindy Whitmarsh

42, Good Morning San Diego fitness expert, instructor, trainer, Santa Fe, CA

Fitness philosophy: You don’t have to work out hours on end if you eat right. Diet is 70 percent of how your body looks and feels. Maximize your time and efforts in your workouts.
Pushups before exhaustion: 50
Best race time: 55-second 400-meter run
Working out with your guy: Bad idea. Ninety percent of the time you will have different goals. You need to work out with someone with the same goals.
Favorite “manly” workout: Obstacle course
Celebrity crush: The Rock
Relationship status: Married
Your twitter handle: @cindyWhitmarsh
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Laura Davis

35, running coach, Oakland, CA

Fitness philosophy: Everyone is different, with different goals, fitness backgrounds, training years, and body types. The first thing I do when I take on a new client is listen to them. Their history of training and racing, injuries, lifestyle, and personal goals will all shape the workouts and advice I end up giving them. If at any point the program isn't working, we change it up.
Best race time: 18:40 5K
Hidden talent: When I'm not coaching, I'm a novelist.
Most overhyped fitness craze: Barefoot running
Working out with your guy: It’s good! When I married my husband, he wasn't a runner. Now he's a Boston Marathon qualifier and one of the athletes I coach.
Sweat: turn-on or turn-off: long as you don't smell.
Celebrity crush: Harry Connick, Jr.
Favorite “manly” workout: Power lifting
Relationship status: Married
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Shelly Eichas

28, trainer at Exceed Physical Culture, registered dietitian, New York, NY

Fitness philosophy: What seems impossible today will one day become your warm-up.
Pushups before exhaustion: 44
Biggest gym pet peeve: Being too made-up and wearing makeup or working out with your hair down.
Hidden talent: Milking a cow. I grew up on a dairy farm!
Favorite post-workout snack: Peanut butter, banana, and almond milk shake
Celebrity crush: Will Smith
Favorite “manly” workout: There’s no such thing as a "manly" workout.
Relationship status: Single
Follow: @Exceedfit
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Sara Haley

36, prenatal, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Santa Monica, CA

Fitness philosophy: Be effective, efficient, and entertaining: First and foremost, your workout needs to be results-driven (effective), so it has to be smart and safe. Efficiency is all about getting the most done in a minimum amount of time, which means working hard and giving everything you've got. Lastly, it has to be entertaining so you stay interested, the time flies, and you ultimately are having fun.
Hidden talent: I can dead-on impersonate the young boy, Danny, from The Shining: “RedRum, RedRum."
Most overhyped fitness craze: Barre classes. The more muscle you have on you body, the more calories your burn. High reps with low weights will only get you so far.
Working out with your guy: I've never been a personal fan of working out with my man. My husband and I prefer different kinds of workouts and have a tendency to get too competitive. But if you are the type of couple who have similar workout interests and challenge and encourage each other, I'm all for it!
Sweat: turn-on or turn-off: Someone who works hard and doesn't mind getting a little dirty to get what they want? Bring it on!
Celebrity crush: Derek Jeter
Relationship status: In a relationship
Follow: @SaraHaleyFit
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Keli Garrett

28, bootcamp instructor, San Diego, CA

Fitness philosophy: Listen to your body; it has a lot to say. Don't over-train, but push when your body can be pushed. Love your body. It's unique and beautiful and can only be truly appreciated by you. Give it the nutrients and fuel that it needs and deserves.
Pushups before exhaustion: 50
Biggest gym pet peeve: The guys and girls who "claim" machines and weights. If you aren't using something, don't hog it! Share the fitness love, please.
Hidden talent: I can do a pretty mean Huckleberry Finn monologue.
Working out with your guy: My absolute favorite thing to do on the weekend is to work out with my husband. Even if we aren't doing the same workout, I like knowing that he's nearby so I can impress him, and I don't mind checking out his hot bod!
Celebrity crush: Girard Butler. All. The. Way.
Relationship status: Married
Facebook: Keli Perez Garrett


Jamie Crowe

35, kettlebell instructor, fitness coach, Lebanon, NH

Fitness philosophy: Fitness is a long-term journey—a journey of strength, flexibility, endurance, recovery, and happiness that changes as you set new goals and age. Balance is very important to me and to my clients. I love making women feel good inside and out.
Hidden talent: Baton twirling
Favorite post-workout snack: Protein shake with berries and peanut butter
Working out with your man: Great idea! He sees you working hard, which I think makes him appreciate the body you have and how hard you work for it. It's sexy watching my boyfriend working out, and we have a closer relationship because of it.
Celebrity crush: Matthew McConaughey
Relationship status: In a relationship
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Verena Koefler

40, personal trainer, group workout instructor, Miami, FL

Fitness philosophy: Exercise is a lifestyle, not an event. Being an active person isn't about taking class three times a week at the gym, it's about things like biking to the grocery store, walking instead of taking a cab, catching up with friends on a hiking trail instead of a bar stool, and playing in the park with my kids instead of playing video games. Being strong is empowering and gives you so much self-confidence. Being fit and strong makes you feel beautiful and look beautiful.
Pushups before exhaustion: 50
Best race time: 3:12 Olympic triathlon
Hidden talent: Psychologist
Celebrity crush: Tyson Beckford
Relationship status: Separated
Follow: @verenainmiami
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Janelle Naruo

30, Pilates instructor, San Francisco, CA

Fitness philosophy: Never give up!
Pushups before exhaustion: 50
Biggest gym pet peeve: Leaving sweat on the bench or machines
Hidden talent: I like to make all-natural lotion bars.
Most overhyped fitness craze: Barre. Just take a beginner ballet class.
Working out with your guy: It's a fun way to motivate each other to be better.
Celebrity crush: Chris Hemsworth
Favorite “manly” workout: 5/3/1
Relationship status: In a relationship
Facebook: Janelle Naruo

Kristin Gilbert

40, core fusion barre instructor, Atlanta, GA

Fitness philosophy: Quality of quantity. It's important to have good core strength and also build a mind/body connection as well as be in tune with your breathing and movements. Work with your wisdom and not your ego.
Hidden talent: Fashion-show producing and singing in the car
Most overhyped fitness craze: People will be mad, but marathon running. Great cardio, but it’s terrible on knees, hips, and ankles.
Celebrity crush: Henry Cavill
Favorite “manly” workout: Core Fusion Sport
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @Bella_core
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Jenny Luis

30, personal trainer, Kendall Park, NJ

Fitness philosophy: Helping turn my clients’ lifestyles into the lifestyles that they choose for themselves. I don't necessarily train for the "hot body" but for the safer and smarter-working body that’s more functional for everyday living.
Best race time: 2:15 Tough Mudder
Biggest gym pet peeve: Members not being aware of other members working out
Working out with your guy: I do like working out with my boyfriend, but there are times I enjoy him not being there because then I can sweat as much as I want, not brush my hair if I don't feel like it, and do my workout without being bothered. But it's nice having him there at the end for a kiss.
Sweat: turn-on or turn-off: Huge turn-on!
Celebrity crush: Taylor Kitsch
Relationship status: In a relationship
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Roxie Zendejas

31, personal trainer, Irvine, CA

Fitness philosophy: "If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go." —Bruce Lee
Pull-ups before exhaustion: 25
Best race time: 55-minute 10K
Hidden talent: I can make balloon animals.
Favorite post-workout snack: Ezekiel bread with almond butter and avocado honey
Most overhyped fitness craze: Bootcamps
Working out with your guy: Bad idea. I like to beast it out in the gym, and I’m not sure my guy would want to see that side of me.
Relationship status: Engaged
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Victoria Garcia Drago

35, yoga and zumba instructor, Boston, MA

Fitness philosophy: Mind and body as one unit. Fitness is a life-long commitment that takes discipline, perseverance, and determination. You can achieve what you want if you truly believe in yourself, keep at it, and don’t let the mind get in the way.
Biggest gym pet peeve: People who are working out at the gym and not aware of their surroundings and others working out
Hidden talent: I'm an Argentine tango dancer.
Favorite post-workout snack: Argentine steak
Working out with your guy: Good idea, especially if there is a specific goal to achieve together. It can be fun to exercise with a boyfriend—lots of opportunities to flirt.
Celebrity crush: The Rock
Relationship status: In a relationship
Follow: @VictoriaGDrago
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Chelsea Hill

30, barre instructor, Calabasas, CA

Fitness philosophy: Fitness is not only about looking good, but it’s about conquering your fears, your weaknesses, and what keeps you from feeling your best every day. I truly believe most of us do not know how amazing the human body is designed to feel. However, with a good combination of healthy eating and a fitness regimen designed for each individual, you can look and feel your absolute best!
Best race time: 1:53 half marathon
Hidden talent: I can cross one eye and not cross the other.
Favorite post-workout snack: Almond butter; Vega One shakes; or a kale, spinach, mango, banana, and coconut water smoothie
Working out with your guy: Having a workout buddy in general ups your chances that you actually go to the gym and work harder. Also, you're sweaty, he's sweaty; it's just sexy.
Favorite “manly” workout: Metcon3
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @chelzbellz
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Brooke Taylor

33, personal trainer, Pilates instructor, Astoria, NY

Fitness philosophy: Fitness is a way of life. It never gets easier; you just get better at it. You have to look at each workout as a way to better yourself. If you don't make the time for it now, you will have to make time for illness later.
Biggest gym pet peeve: When people come to the gym only to talk on their cell phones. They are exercising their mouths more than their bodies.
Favorite post-workout snack: Coconut milk yogurt with protein powder and mixed berries
Working out with your guy: Bad idea! Working out and making out should be separate. In some occasions it will work, but not always. When I have my own workout time, I like to plow through my own regimen and sweat with little to no distraction.
Celebrity crush: Channing Tatum
Favorite “manly” workout: TRX
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @bktayloredfit
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Elizabeth Kovar

29, mind-body movement specialist, ACE and BOSU master trainer, Seattle, WA

Fitness philosophy: Movement is essential for vitality and well-being. Everything on this planet moves, even at the molecular level, thus my "Welcome to the Judgment-Free Zone" philosophy welcomes everybody to explore movement and discover their passions no matter their age, fitness level, gender, or disability.
Best race time: 24-minute 5K
Favorite post-workout snack: Bananas
Working out with your guy: Great idea. It bonds two individuals and allows them to grow individually but together. This expands to greater things such as completing races or challenging themselves to do something fun like biking around Europe or hiking in Nepal. There are lots of wonderful potential for couples to expand their love in healthy ways.
Celebrity crush: Matt Damon
Favorite “manly” workout: Cycling
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @BrainBodyKovar
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