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Meal Prepping Routine


It has been SO long since I have done a meal prepping post! I actually do not think I have written one on my new site yet so count this as the first! No worries though-there will be more as meal prep is a topic I always get asked constantly about.

I decided meal prepping COULD be a really great thing-when done correctly.
I decided to take a tip from the pros, bodybuilders, and fitness models and checkout the types of meals that they were eating and I would always see the topic of “meal prep” come up.

Meal prepping does not have to be fancy-it just needs to get the job done. What’s that job? Having a meal instantly prepared for your daily that helps keep you accountable from getting inside your car and driving to the nearest fast food joint for a binge. Most of the time when we want junk food, it is all about what is convenient. I promise you, healthy food can be just as convenient if you put a little effort into it! And no… it is not that expensive. It actually costs about the same-or less-than eating out every single day during the work week.

No.. this is not an excuse to not cook an actual meal on the spot. I actually cook dinners every night from scratch.

However, for lunch, my prepped meals are the simple solution and an easy to grab option without me even having to think or add more to my to-do list.

So, what foods do I like to prep? For starters, my meal preps always contain:
Lean protein

Some examples of my meal preps are:

Meal #1:
Grilled or Baked chicken breast, skinless & boneless
Mashed sweet potato

Meal #2:
Baked salmon
Brown rice

Meal #3:
Lean sirloin
Green beans

Meal #4:
Baked sweet potato

Meal #5:
Tuna & egg salad (tuna, egg, Greek yogurt, onion, pickle, salt & pepper)
Brown rice

The ideas are ENDLESS! Some people make think that these meal examples sound so boring, but it is all about the way you cook and season your food. There’s a reason why fitness competitors eat like this… IT GETS YOU IN SHAPE. Remember, diet is 70% of your results! If you have a meal already prepped for you waiting in the fridge to be heated, it is 1,000x harder to say “NO” to that McDonald’s hamburger.

So, I am going to share with you my meal prep for this week! I chose meal #4. Yes, I eat the same thing for lunch everyday when I meal prep. Does it get boring? Meh… sometimes. But it is all a mind game. I cook a  good dinner to make up for it!

I have set out everything that I use to cook each part of this meal below. I once was a veggie-hater so, as you can see, I like to jazz up my broccoli. It’s my Sesame Garlic Broccoli and it’s super yummy! Even my kids loves it. You will also likes my Tilapia, which I only use Tony C’s Cajun seasoning on. It gives it a little (lot) bit of kick!

As for my sweet potatoes, I just bake them. Sometimes, I will mash them, but for this week I am feeling plain due to the fact Christmas is this week. I always wrap my potatoes in tin foil as it cooks them faster and more thoroughly.

I bake everything at once and it maybe takes me 30 minutes to create this one meal. Of course the potatoes are the longest to cook.

I place equal portions into my meal prepping containers, let them fully cool, and stick them in my fridge for the week. I only made four meals this week (usually do 5) since Christmas is Friday and we won’t be home. Sometimes, if I am concerned (with fish especially), I will freeze the latter half of my meal preps to keep them more fresh. Steak, pork, and chicken can generally last a little while before going bad.

I also meal prep my snacks! Yessss! Here’s this week’s snack.
I mix the Greek yogurt and peanut butter when I am ready to eat my snack and dip my apples into the mix. Ahhhh… so good! I use lemon juice to keep my apples fresh and from turning brown, but if you are weirded out by fruit turning different colors than I suggest you cut your fruit prior to eating your dip or simply bring your apple along with your container.

I also prep my protein powder for my post-workout shakes! I know, I know… it’s so simple to open the damn container and scoop your protein out and into your cup. But, when you are as busy as I am, every little shortcut truly makes a difference in my day. I simply scoop one scoop of protein powder into a small zip-locked baggy to take with me if I am on the go or I store them in my pantry. They are pre-made and measured-can’t go wrong with that.
Easy as pie. Well, a cinnamon bun in this case… this is my newest flavor of protein powder and it’s to die for-and it is vegan!!

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