How To Naturally Regenerate Damaged Cartilage In Knees and Hips

Persistent pain in the knee may be caused by damaged cartilage. Gelatin is commonly used in desserts, and it is high in proteins, and proline and hydroxyproline which support the regeneration of the muscle tissue.  People have been taking gelatin for decades to help with knee and hip pain and have achieved amazing results. 

Young people who are regularly engaged in sport or have excess weight are also prone on damaging their cartilage, due to the great pressure on the knees. Check out this article at Time For Natural Health.

In cases of a damaged cartilage in the joints, knees or hips, people experience much pain and many problems and generally, the quality of their own life is reduced significantly. Luckily, you can buy gelatin everywhere and consume it every day. This will help you prevent the insupportable symptoms of osteoarthritis, and the huge pain that comes with it.

Gelatin is full of proteins and contains all the essential amino acids. The rarest ones among the others, such as hydroxyproline and proline aid the regeneration of muscle tissue. Gelatin doesn’t include any cholesterol or fat unlike other foods rich in proteins. It is a great source of collagen which is a substance that takes part in the cartilage, tissues, bones, and ligaments construction. Take 10 grams of gelatin a day, in order to achieve the best results