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The 3 Ingredients of Fat Loss

By: NoelGRSr

We all know the three key ingredients of weight and fat gain:

Overeating – Consuming more energy than you expend.Under Exercising – Expending less energy than you consume.Poor Food Choices – Processed foods with added sugar.

Then it makes sense that the way to combat weight and fat gain would be to do the opposite, it’s that easy:

Eat Less – Consume less energy than you expend.Exercise More – Expend more energy than you consume.Better Food Choices – Eating natural whole foods.

So if you can nail these last three points you should be well on the way to maintaining a good body weight and body composition level (fat/muscle).

But what if we want to speed up the process and really get into some of those stubborn fat stores that just won’t budge?

We need to get a little bit cleverer and a little bit geekier and sneakier to achieve the holy grail of fat loss, enter The 3 Horseman of the Fat Loss, basically kryptonite to body fat.

1.Carbohydrate Cycling

Carbohydrates and Fats in your diet should be inversely proportionate for a start, this will avoid the dreaded fat storing as carbohydrates and glucose are preferred by the body due to the most efficient method of energy creation, called ‘Glycolysis’.

If you’re eating a diet with a calorie deficit (which you should be anyway if fat loss is your goal) and you’re also eating a low carbohydrate diet, then over a period of days your production of the hormone ‘Leptin’ will decrease and thus your energy expenditure slowing down fat loss.

In order to keep this hormone and energy expenditure up we need regular higher carbohydrate spikes in the diet to stimulate production, just make sure on your high carb days that your fats are low.

2.Lactic Acid

Creating huge amounts of lactic acid in the targeted muscle group, will greatly aid with fat loss as it is the production of lactic acid from continuous activity (that burning feeling) that creates another hormonal response in the form of growth hormone, increased levels of growth hormone have been shown to increase fat loss.

If your muscle is not burning to the point of failure, you’re not going hard enough.

3.EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) / HIIT Training

EPOC is achieved when your body reaches a point that it is unable to supply enough oxygen to the body for the creation of ATP(energy) and lactic acid metabolism, thus causing an oxygen deficit that must be regained over many hours post-exercise, causing an increase in metabolic rate post-exercise.

If you’re not going hard and fast enough to the point of lactic overload and failure to inhale enough oxygen to keep going, you’re not going hard enough.

Note: Many people do HIIT work for fat loss for periods of 20-30 minutes, if you can do it for that long, you’re not going hard enough. HIIT sessions should ideally last 5-10 minutes 15 at the maximum. Also note that fat loss and massive metabolic disturbance which is our outcome goal and NOT about interval training to improve endurance capacity, completely different goal and outcome.

High and Low Carbohydrate days specific to certain days in the program, cycled for the 21 days.All of the workouts use a specific form of training using tri-sets to create maximum lactic acid within the target muscle groups.There are also additional HIIT workouts on the program that achieve EPOC and the oxygen deficit we are looking for.

Source: Adam Stansbury

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