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7 Fun & Creative Workout Ideas

7 Fun & Creative Workout Ideas

If you’re anything like me, and get bored with your workout routine (the same thing day after day), but just don’t know what to do to make it more exciting, then you’ve landed in the right place! When you take physical activity and turn it into a game, it somehow becomes more exciting and fun than just “exercise”, and is easier to incorporate into your everyday life.

On my hunt for a few creative ways to spice up my own workout routine, I actually found a lot of unique ways to burn a few extra calories each week, and from home! No need to even leave the house. I hope that I can inspire you to get moving and try something new!

1. The Wall Workout

What I love most about this workout is that there is no gym or equipment needed. It also works several muscle groups in a single move– challenging but fun! You can also make it more or less challenging by how far up or down you position your feet and arms. Go watch the short video over at SELF for the full details!

2. Couples Workout

I’ve always thought of my workout as “me time” (and it is!), but how fun would it be to challenge yourself with your partner every once in a while?! Not only is this great bonding time that invokes trust and communication, but you and your partner would certainly challenge and motivate each other to push yourself further. Go check out all of the couples workout ideas over at Fabletics.

3. Fitness With A Friend

This workout is obviously very similar to “the couples workout”, but is more suitable for a friend or gym buddy. I also really like this idea for kids! You don’t have to have a large ball either– any lightweight object would do. Hop on over to The Almond Eater for the full list of ideas and instructions.

4. Popsicle Stick Workout

This is another creative way to break up your workout routine, and incorporate something different everyday! I like the idea of color coding the popsicle sticks for each muscle group or exercise type, for example: Cardio, Upper Body, Lower Body, Abs, etc. This way you can insure that you are getting a full body workout.

Simply use a permanent marker to label each stick with a variety of workouts, and another marker to color the tips. Label a couple of jars or cups to keep track of your progress throughout the day. This doesn’t mean that you have to finish the entire cup– perhaps just 2 or 3 from each exercise group, or whatever your personal goal may be.

If you like to break up your exercise throughout the day instead of doing it in one long session, this may just be the perfect way to stay motivated. This technique also works well for kids’ chores and other personal goals you may have for yourself.

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