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Exercise Addiction

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Exercise addiction is similar to many other types of addictions. Granted exercise is good for you, but in moderation. 

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Exercise addiction can cause people to over-train on a constant basis while never giving the body time to recuperate which can deny the addict the results they crave. As with other addictions, there are multiple reasons why people become addicted. Some do it for weight loss or weight management. Becoming addicted for weight loss is often associated with anorexia and bulimia. 

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Anorexics and bulimics over train to lose weight while being malnourished which in itself can cause extra health risks. On the other side of spectrum there is “Bigorexia”, a term coined specifically for bodybuilders who are never satisfied with their size; regardless of how “big” they get, it is never enough.
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Despite which side of the spectrum exercise addiction can be costly, not only physically but financially as well. A large amount of addicts spend a lot of money on supplements. Diet pills, creatine, protein powders, nitric oxide boosters, testosterone boosters, HGH and even anabolic steroids are some of the costly supplements that might be used. Some of these products like HGH and steroids are not only dangerous, but illegal. 


Diet pills may be sold over the counter but can also be addictive with dangerous side effects. As with any chemical introduced to the body all supplements that are used in excess can have hazardous side effects. There are many sites and articles that will go into more detail about symptoms and dangers of these addictions. 

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