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Why You Should M@st*rbate Before Going To Work

Mast*rbation is the self-stimulation of one’s own genitals for s*xual arousal or other s*xual pleasure, usually to the point of s*xual climax.

You should that mast*rbation is something that can give a good pleasure to relax, whether you’re a woman or a man.

According to some studies, you can also do it before going to work if you really want to give yourself a good head start.

Mast*rbation is legitimately beneficial for your mental and physical health, and here are five reasons you should do it before going to work.

1. Good Stress RelieverWhen you mast*rbate, your body ejects that cortisol out of your body, which is also known as the stress hormone.

2. Grow StrongerIt can help your immune system to shoot up to 30 percent, which will leave you stronger and ready for all physical stress.

3. Glow More BeautifullyWhen you mast*bate, your blood flow pumps up and will bring you the oxygen that your skin and face needs.

4. Lower Risk Of Prostate CancerFrequent mastu*bation is linked with a lower risk of prostate cancer. Whether you mast*rbate or have partnered s*x often, there seems to be some benefit to clearing out the pipes at least a few times per week.

5. Work Better We don’t have to explain this – just think about the above benefits. With these, you can work better and get that promotion in no time.

Source: Elite Trends

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