Ten Plants That Cause Breasts Growth

Forget The Silicones

These days plastic surgery has become so modern and fashionable that many women think of it as a necessity. But, while it is true that plastic surgery can provide some results, it is also true that using the help of Mother Nature is the best way to eliminate our “flaws”.

We will now reveal 6 extremely beneficial plants that will help you with your breast size in a completely natural way:

Fenugreek seed can be bought from herbal pharmacies. They are ought to be soaked in water overnight and the second day you should use the water from it to massage your breasts.

Anis is a Chinese herb which is rich in ingredients that accelerate breast growth. Therefore, if you want to increase the size of your breasts, you should start using it.

Fennel is not good only in the form of tea for easing colic in infants, but the ingredients it contains (di anethole, anethole, and photo anethole) raise the level of estrogen in the system. In addition, fennel is packed with phytoestrogens, compounds that support breasts growth and significantly improve milk production in nursing moms.

Flaxseeds are part of the linum family, which is a family of flowering plants. The phytoestrogens in flaxseeds are known as lignans. In fact, flaxseeds contain the highest source of lignan out of the foods you can eat.

Lignans that come from this herb act as your body’s own estrogen to help stimulate breast development and also may help protect the body against cancer cells. Flaxseeds also help increase sex hormone-binding globulin or SHBG levels.Pueraria Mirifica is a Thai herb that is most often used for prevention of wrinkles (it is part of many lotions and creams). What is interesting is that this herb is an active ingredient in pills, creams and other products specially designed for breasts growth.

Phyto-porgestins are plant based progesterones. Your body naturally produces progesterone or progestin hormones, which help prepare and maintain pregnancy, sex hormones, and other behaviors. Both the alveolar and milk glands get bigger due to the progesterone the body produces. Phyto-progestins also help make the breasts more round.

Prolactin is the hormone that is known for helping women produce milk. This hormone comes from the pituitary gland and not only does it help with producing milk, but also regulating the immune system.

When prolactin activates the production of breast milk it will lead to swelling. The swelling is what causes the growth because your breast tissues grow when they stretch.

Licorice- This plant is like the fennel. It comes with the same ingredients and provides the same effects.

Saw Palmetto- The reason why adding saw palmetto to your herbal routine is a good idea is because it’s an anti-androgen. Since saw palmetto is an anti-androgen it will reduce the amount DHT is in your body.

You want your DHT levels to be considerably lower than your other hormones like estrogen and progesterone, because DHT is a male hormone that can slow down or prevent breast growth.

Soy products contain isoflavones, which are powerful phytoestrogens. In fact, soybeans contain the highest level of isoflavones that you can add to your diet.

The phytoestrogens in soy will bind to your estrogen receptors and promote breast growth. The isoflavones will also help protect you from breast cancer by regulating cell growth. This is why some experts believe countries like China where soy is heavy in their diet don’t develop breast cancer as much as Western countries.

Source: mamabee.com