Natural Antibiotic: Kills Any Infection In The Body

Read this article to find out who is the best Natural Antibiotic recipe ever, made by 100% natural ingredients!


Garlic is one of the most natural antibiotic that I personally like, and me and my family always go for it when it comes to internal use. To be honest, the reason why we use it so much is because it kills not just bacteria, but also viruses and fungus, without making any harm to the beneficial gut flora.


According to many studies, fresh ginger has an antibiotic effect against pathogens that can be brought in our body by food, like salmonella, listeria and campylobacter. The stomach acid production and calm indigestion can also be increased by fresh ginger in moments when you feel stomach upsets.

Super Antibiotic Tonic Recipe


Grated fresh ginger (¼ cup)Apple Cider Vinegar (24 ounces)2 large organic jalapeno peppers, with removed stems, sliced in half lengthwiseFinely chopped organic garlic (¼ cup)Finely chopped organic, white onion (¼ cup)Grated horseradish (2 tablespoons)Curcumin or turmeric powder (2 tablespoons)

Empty your bowels in 2 minutes by taking 1 tablespoon from this blend

Preparation Natural Antibiotic:

In a large Mason jar, put all the necessary ingredients, except for the apple cider vinegar. When everything is put in the jar, then take the vinegar and add it on top, but leave 1 to 1.5 inches of space at the top.

Close it well and shake the mixture for 20 seconds. Then place the jar in a cool and dry place. Make sure that is not on a direct sunlight. Every day shake the jar once (or maybe twice if you don’t remember did you do that today or not) and let it stay for two weeks. It is not necessary to put the mixture in the refrigerator. Do that only if you live in the tropics.

After two weeks, take cloth and strain the blend into another glass container. At the end squeeze well the cloth to be sure that have taken every drop from the antibiotic goodness!

And that’s pretty much it. One useful tip: make another jar to have it in stock. Just in case. You will never know when you will need it. In this way you can always have this elixir.