Honey Reversing Heart Disease

YOU must have very often heard about the benefits of honey. There are so many benefits of honey. One of them is honey can cure various diseases. Even the Prophet recommends drinking honey for a healthier life.

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Ibn Abbas r.a. said, the Prophet said, “The healing of the disease do three things: cupping, drink honey and burned with a hot iron. But I forbid my Ummah to burn with a hot iron. “(HR. Bukhari)

It is true that saying of the Prophet that honey can cure many diseases, one of which is heart disease. Dr. FG Winarno, Head of Food Technology Development Center, Bogor Agricultural University, in his book, Honey, Technology, Benefits and Accompanying Analysis, said sugar and minerals in the honey act as a tonic for the heart. Heart muscles work without stopping, thus always requires glucose as an energy source to replace the lost energy. Honey can be a proper intake because the nutritional honey is mostly composed of glucose.

According to Ibn Sina, honey can cure a variety of diseases, ranging from mild to the heavy, such as high blood pressure and heart. Dr. Fang Chu, a doctor at Lien Yu Kang Hospital, China, also stated that the bee glue (propolis) has the same efficacy to treat heart disease, in addition also useful for diseases of high-fat content in the blood.

Honey provides nutrients to the heart muscle and increases the metabolic function of the heart. This natural ingredient feed that contributes to the good circulation of the coronary vessels, by increasing hemoglobin (pigment in red blood cells that carries oxygen to every tissue) and vasodilatation (enlargement or expansion of blood vessels that can lower blood pressure), and prevent blood from clotting.

Honey and cinnamon are known to reduce cholesterol in attire vessels and reduce the risk of heart attack. People who’ve had a heart attack can prevent heart attacks to two when eating honey and cinnamon every day. Consumption of honey and cinnamon on a regular basis can also facilitate breathing and strengthens the heartbeat.