Baking Soda And Castor Solve 24 Issues Check Here!

These items are healing and ancient folk cures used centuries back. People understand this now and use them and no drugs.

Holistic medicine advises castor oil for many health issues, even conventional meds that do not work are replaced by these.

Castor makes amazing blood flow. So with baking soda is a perfect coating.


Make baking soda mix and clean the area. Get the castor, foil, towel and gauze and hot water bottle.

Soak the gauze in warm castor and apply. Cover with the foil, then put the bottle over this. With towel wrap it and sit for 60 min. do this daily for 40 days.

Castor is for these 24 uses:

For sprained ankle to sit overnight
Wounds, bruises cuts for fast healing.
Prevent stretch marks in pregnancy, massage the belly for 2 last months
Use castor on the neck for vocal cords nodules and hoarseness
Mix these for face spots
Put a drop in the eye for cataract
Cure pilonidal cysts
Have 5 drops in the morning for allergy
Rub this on eyelids before bed to stop allergies of eyes
Consume few drops for nicotine and alcohol addiction
Massage the scalp before shampooing, 20 min. for hair growing
Use a few drops in ear for better hearing
Remove tinnitus with 6-8 drops for 4 months
Use castor coatings for lower back pain, use for a week
Use coating for diarrhea
Rub warts for a month to remove them
Coatings remove fungi of feet
Massage soles to remove calcium deposits
Rub castor on moles for a month to remove them
Cure belly hyperactivity with belly coating
For hepatitis
Mix the 2 for skin cancer
Use coatings for snoring, use 2 weeks
Cure bee stings and swelling