Danggit Silog


12 pieces dried danggit
½ cup cooking oil
3 cups garlic fried rice
3 pieces eggs


Heat a medium sized frying pan and then pour the oil in.

Once the oil starts to get hot, crack one egg open and then gently drop it on the pan to fry in medium heat. Tilt the pan on one side until most of the oil settles and then slowly push the oil towards the egg to coat the top part. Do this multiple times until the yellow part of the egg gets cooked. You will know when you are done if it turns out yellowish-white just like in the picture above. Do this step on the remaining eggs. Once done, set the fried eggs aside.

Fry the danggit using the remaining oil. Make sure that the oil is hot before starting. Fry one side in medium heat until crispy and then turn the fish over to cook the other side. Transfer to a plate lined with paper towel. Note: frying danggit should be quick.

Arrange a cup of garlic fried rice, a piece of fried egg, and 4 pieces of danggit in a plate. This makes an individual serving. Serve with spicy vinegar.

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