The Most Insane, Experimental Procedures That Were Actually Successful

Modern medicine is as advanced as its ever been. Treatment options are abundant, and medical procedures are constantly being developed and improved. 

That said, it’s safe to say that some breakthroughs are more ‘out there’ than others. But that doesn’t make them any less successful. Here, we highlight five of the most insane, experimental procedures that actually worked.

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A tooth in the eye. In a first-of-its-kind procedure, Sharron Thornton, 60, regained her eyesight hen al leading eye specialist implanted a tooth into her eye. Yes, you read that right. A tooth. While it might sound like a scene straight out of a horror movie, the operation actually worked.

A tooth in the eye. Before the experimental procedure, Thornton had been blinded for nine years. As Ranker notes, the tooth helped to treat a potentially fatal condition called Stevens Johnson syndrome that destroys cells.

A tooth in the eye. Per Ranker: "The canine tooth was shaped and had a hole drilled into it so that a tiny lens could be placed inside. Then, the new eye structure was implanted in her shoulder for a few months so that it would bind to the lens correctly.” After the tooth was fully bonded, it was positioned in the center of her eye.

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