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United we potter about: Marouane Fellaini, Danny Welbeck and Phil Jones played out a low key game CREDIT: GETTY

England 0 - 1 Belgium
28/06/2018 19:00
Referee: Damir Skomina|Venue: Kaliningrad Stadium|Attendance: 33,973
  • England will face Colombia in the World Cup last 16 after a beautiful Adnan Januzaj strike helped Belgium to a 1-0 victory in their final Group G encounter and ensured Gareth Southgate's side advanced to the knockout stages as runners-up.
Much had been made of the potential easier route available to whichevThe er team failed to win Group G, with Brazil lying in wait after Colombia in a potential quarter-final showdown.
 That scenario caused both managers to make wholesale changes to their line-ups, with Southgate resting eight players - including captain Harry Kane - and Roberto Martinez nine from their most recent victories.
The lack of cohesion in either side produced a staid first half with chances at a premium, but the deadlock was broken soon after the break when a lovely piece of skill from Januzaj fooled Danny Rose before the former Manchester United man curled beautifully into the top corner.
England pressed somewhat for an equalizer, but it was notable that Kane remained on the bench throughout as Southgate kept upcoming matches in mind. His side now faces Colombia on Tuesday, while Belgium plays Japan on Monday.

Jamie Vardy of England is tackled by Moussa Dembele of Belgium CREDIT: GETTY
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Who was your man of the match?

And who do you think from the England seconds shone? 

Wayne Rooney watching this in Washington pub!

Wayne Rooney walks into Washington Pub to watch England play

Another day to prepare

England has real chances against Colombia and either of Swiss/Swedes. I think this is probably the better option for England.
Belgium is better than England are at football. Traditionally at tournaments, England do well against inferior teams and then lose against the first superior side they play, so this has run to form.
Not sure Colombia or Swiss/Swedes are as good as Belgium. Think England start about 50-50 against Colombia if James fit, favorites if not. Switzerland is ranked more highly by Fifa but I think England can beat them. England would be favorite against Sweden.  
What do you think? Plot it all out with our predictor here

Gary Neville

What a great chance. We should be more positive than ever. We have a chance to play Colombia and then Switzerland or Sweden to get in a World Cup semi-final.
Gary points out recent times England have got to knockout stages: Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, Germany etc.

Gareth Southgate

A pretty even game. They had better controlled possession. They had the better first half chances. We had better in second half.
We had half an eye on the knockout.
Marcus had a great chance. He and Jamie kept working. Didn't happen for us tonight.
We want to win football matches, we are not happy to come here having been beaten.
The knockout game is the biggest game for a decade, 
The players who played tonight have given everything, we created things to get something out of theg ame.
Momentum shifts in games, we kept pressing right until the end. Supporters brilliant. They understand what the most important thing is.

Full time: England 0 Belgium 1

And that's your lot. Southgate looks pensive rather than distressed, which feels about right. Report and reaction coming up.

90 mins: England 0 Belgium 1    

England clinging onto the ropes here. Here's Fellaini again, barreling through opponents like Big Sol against Argentina, or like Big Sol in the Playboy Club to I shouldn't wonder. He lets rip. Side netting.

89 mins: England 0 Belgium 1    

Gorgeous skill from Batshuayi on the byline cuts it back. Not gorgeous skill from Fellaini, the ball pinging off him. But there is more than one way to butter a waffle, and the big feller does what he does best: shoving and pushing and powering through bodies like a rampaging lock forward. Nearly bundles it in.

88 mins: England 0 Belgium 1   

Mertens is in the action right away, crushes a shot at goal. It is at a saveable height, Pickford decides to punch it... right back into the danger area. Luckily Fellaini is the nearest Belgo and he cannot get his body in the right position to shoot. England somehow get it clear. Think Pickford will be a very relieved Washingtonian.

87 mins: England 0 Belgium 1  

Broadway Danny Rose draws yet another foul. Takes a quick freekick and Courtois... what is he doing?!!... he's come for this but he's never getting there. Welbeck ghosts in at the near post and fires.... well wide.

85 mins: England 0 Belgium 1 

The lovely shift from RLC as he beats his man... but his cross is a turkey. Drifts way out.
Januzaj comes off, Mertens is the man who comes on.

83 mins: England 0 Belgium 1

Really nice corner from Rashford, Courtois has to punch. It's Dat Guy Welbz on the edge of the box, he shifts the ball and hits a shot. Nicely struck. Deflected behind (by Big Marouane, I think).
The next corner is easy for Courtois. He's not looked at his commanding best, by the way. None of the top keepers have impressed so far this tournament.

82 mins: England 0 Belgium 1    

Good battling from Vardy et al. JV has given a full pint this evening. I actually disagree with Luke Edwards, just below, I think most or all of England's ones have tried hard.

79 mins: England 0 Belgium 1   

Rashford has given a chance from a DFK. Curls it over. Some way over.
Ah, I feel the warm breath of backlash.

Okay so any pretensions about England wanting to win this game go out the window - Welbeck not Kane?! Southgate gambling dangerously that Colombia are worse than Iceland

75 mins: England 0 Belgium 1  

Vowed to stay off Twitter during England games but this is dreadful. Belgium are almost embarrassed to be winning. England going through the motions but have looked very ordinary all game. Both countries will feel very silly if they lose their next match.
Alexander-Arnold has run his race. Danny Welbeck is coming on. If anyone can sort this out, it's... well, probably not Welbz, But we'll see! Doesn't really matter if he does or not, in fairness. Maybe a puncturing of expectation is what this England side needs?

Vowed to stay off Twitter during England games but this is dreadful. Belgium are almost embarrassed to be winning. England going through the motions but have looked very ordinary all game. Both countries will feel very silly if they lose their next match.

This just in

75 mins: England 0 Belgium 1 

Another decent set piece. Trent AA sends it in, Harry M peels away at the back post, sends the looping header back across... but Big Courtois gathers that like a person reaching something off a shelf for their much shorter spouse. Patient, vaguely paternalistic. 

74 mins: England 0 Belgium 1

Marouane Fellaini has given Eric Dier a bit of a schooling here. Outplayed him and out-muscled him. Dier barges him. Probably should have been booked.

73 mins: England 0 Belgium 1    

Belgium is making one, though. Vermaelen is being replaced by that majestic, lovely man Vincent Kompany.

69 mins: England 0 Belgium 1   

How badly does Gareth Southgate-Badger want to get something out of this? I would suggest 'not very badly'. Will he make changes? Not sure.

69 mins: England 0 Belgium 1  

Decent spell from England. Delph hits a bobbler from outside the box. Dendoncker gets in the way and that deflection could have gone anywhere.

The most England thing that could ever happen:

* Deliberately lose to Belgium to avoid Brazil in the quarters
* Immediately lose to Colombia in the second round
* Brazil get knocked out in the second round anyway
* Belgium coast through and win tournament

66 mins: England 0 Belgium 1 

RLC has an effort from the resulting corner but its rubbs.

65 mins: England 0 Belgium 1 

Great chance for England. Nice play, their best moment of the match. Nice ball down the middle, lay off around the corner from Vardy, and Rashford has a chance to run at the defense. Opens up his body, curls it.... oooooh wide. Should have scored that. Oh no wait, Courtois got a little touch. It was going wide anyway, I think.

60 mins: England 0 Belgium 1

Loftus-Cheek progresses down the right. Cross fails to find a man. Trent AA frees Jones down the wing. He heaves the ball out.

56 mins: England 0 Belgium 1

Delay as Vermaelen gets the back of Jamie Vardy's little thruppeny bit head in his face. Ouch.
Hilariously, after the goal, Batshuayi caught the ball and kicked it out of his hand into the net... only it hit the post, rebounded, and smacked him in the face.

54 mins: England 0 Belgium 1 

Januzaj again in acres down the right. This is more like it: now England fans have got something to be furious about! Where's the marking? Fortunately, Januzaj cannot deliver this time.

52 mins: England 0 Belgium 1

Nice run from RLC, hauled to the ground by Dembele. Freekick. Central.

Trent AA lines up a freekick CREDIT: ITV
No, he has just whacked that into the wall. I think the plan was for Dier to clear a path.

GOAL! England 0 Belgium 1 (Januzaj 51)

England is giving Tielemans far too much space on the edge of the area. He's got all the time in the world. He slips it to Januzaj who, also, is allowed the run of the place. He cuts inside. He curls a left-foot shot. It's a beautiful strike. Goal Belgium!

Adnan Januzaj of Belgium scores his team's first goal past Jordan Pickford of England CREDIT: GETTY
It was a really sweet strike.

49 mins: England 0 Belgium 0   

Delph is caught in possession, Tielemans has a real opportunity but gives it away cheaply. It's not great stuff.

48 mins: England 0 Belgium 0  

The gorgeous trick from Rashford, beating his man, but now he pushes Dendoncker.

47 mins: England 0 Belgium 0 

Vardy, good situational awareness as ever, is lightning quick to the second ball. Frees Rashford, who tries to curl it flamboyantly.

46 mins: England 0 Belgium 0

Second verse, same as the first... 

England sub

But Harry Maguire IS coming on. Stones the man who makes way. Belgium kicks off.

Lee Dixon

"Harry Kane might as well go back to the hotel, there is no way he is coming on."

Gary Neville

"Belgium don't want to win this game."

England not exactly terrorizing Thibaut

As I say

If it stays like this...

England will win the group because they have just two yellow cards to Belgium's five. England would then play Japan.

Why on earth are Belgium settling for playing Colombia rather than wanting to win and face Japan?

Shane O'Leary writes

Hello Alan,
What do you mean 'no injury time'?
It's been one long injury for the eyeballs so far.
Being of the Irish tendency you'll forgive my hope that Chocolate-Meisters win.
Shane O'Leary

Halftime analysis

"Momentum has been lost," says Gary Neville, by which he means the changing of so many personnel. 
"Rashford and Danny Rose have been quite impressive," says Ian Wright.
Ryan Giggs: "England is missing that link between midfield and attack. Belgium looks more dangerous."
Lee Dixon: "We are a little bit open in midfield and are leaving too much space. A lackadaisical attitude."

Halftime: England 0 Belgium 0

No injury time at all. That's the end of the first 45.

In the midst of this pig of a game, there is one tiny sliver of fun to be had... enjoying the name of Dendoncker. Dendoncker. Leander Dendoncker!

44 mins: England 0 Belgium 0

That is a nice ball form R L-C, looking for Delph, good covering header from Boyata. Trent Alexander-Arnold, whose delivery has been so-so, cannot do much with the corner.

42 mins: England 0 Belgium 0  

Opens up for England and suddenly it looks like Loftus-Cheek has a chance to strike. But he cannot bring it under control.

People talking about this as a farce, surely doesn't apply to England? They clearly are trying, just a bit (understandably) disjointed.
I agree. Honest effort from the England B side.

40 mins: England 0 Belgium 0 

 A quiet few minutes there. Both sides trying a few longer passes, to no effect.

Very disappointing that a game that should've been one of the games of this has both sides fielding weakened sides.
A touch of the Carabao Cup about it. @ITVSport

Poor advert it is true

This is literally the *exact* opposite of what the World Cup is meant to be about.
I'm sure it's a nice experience for the players involved etc, but come on. It's like Argentina v Nigeria or Germany v South Korea was a different sport.

37 mins: England 0 Belgium 0

Fellaini an important figure, he and Batshuayi linking up nicely in the area. They tee up T Hazard, who woollies the shot a mile over. If only he had a brother.

England's B team are at least trying to play like the A team. They're just doing it less well. Belgium's B team are going sideways and backwards with no intent.

35 mins: England 0 Belgium 0   

Belgium's turn for a corner. Boyata I think it is who flicks a header on dangerously.
England hit on the break. Ball to Vardy is juuuust a bit too floaty though and the men from the low countries can reset.

Batshuayi aside (he clearly didn't get the memo), Belgium are so desperate not to win this that I almost want to see England boot the ball in their own net. And with Phil Jones on the pitch it could happen.

34 mins: England 0 Belgium 0  

Corner. Trent Alexander-Arnold cannot do much with it. But England get another one. This is a better ball! Loftus-Cheek with a reasonable header. Wide.
Worth noting that the Belgian fans cheered that yellow, and I don't think it is because they hate Danny Rose.

32 mins: England 0 Belgium 0 

Rose is too quick for another Belgian, this time Dendoncker. He has also fouled Danny and is also getting a yellow. Belgium pretty much ensuring England will be top if this is a draw.

30 mins: England 0 Belgium 0

Belgium having the better of this, as far as it goes.
Trent Alexander-Arnold down the right and tries a cross that is badly mis-hit... nearly lobs the keeper. 

26 mins: England 0 Belgium 0 

Batshuayi with a nice run, and a vital tackle from  John Stones to get in the way as he pulls the trigger.
From the resulting corner, it is controlled by Fellaini and lashed at goal... and England clear it off the line again! Alexander-Arnold the man who can. It rebounds to Adnan Jan and he is harangued off the ball.
Talking of teams who are a threat at set plays...

Mumford's the word

Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Fabian Delph, Marcus Rashford and Trent Alexander-Arnold sounds like the line-up of some Mumford-esque trustafarian band

23 mins: England 0 Belgium 0

22 mins: England 0 Belgium 0 

Not much of a game so far. Chadli thumps the ball through, not even sure if that was a shot or a pass. Affable, low key affair, both teams standing off one another.

Is it just me or has the Charity Shield come round earlier than usual this summer?

19 mins: England 0 Belgium 0

Broadway Danny Rose pushes the ball past Tielemans and looks to beat him... Chopped down! Yellow card.

16 mins: England 0 Belgium 0     

Second tackle of any note/spice when Fellaini catches Loftus-Cheek.

14 mins: England 0 Belgium 0    

First tackle of any note/spice when Rashford catches Dembele.

14 mins: England 0 Belgium 0   

Trent Alexander-Arnold gallops down the right, I thought he might be offside but no matter. A cross, Vardy flicks ahead at it, wide. The cross was a bit to behind Vardy to be threatening.

13 mins: England 0 Belgium 0  

England's set-piece taking is really impressive. Four or five runners here, causing havoc. Cahill nearly nods it in at the back post, but the ref reckons there was some pushing. I think England can score against anyone in the tournament if they get enough corners.

11 mins: England 0 Belgium 0 

England, who have been as good as anybody at set pieces, have a corner. Cleared behind. Another one.

9 mins: England 0 Belgium 0

Panic stations! England makes a mess of clearing a cross, Cahill swipes at thin air and for a second it looked like Batshuayi had bundled it over the line after Big Marouane nodded it on, bless him. England have to clear from their own line!

It's been a lively start at both ends, with @GaryJCahill clearing off the line and then going close with a header himself.

Thoughts on the opening quarter-hour, fans?

6 mins: England 0 Belgium 0   

Tielemans is given all the time and space he wants on the edge of the box, and he unloads with a vicious shot. Pickford saves, but not entirely convincingly.

4 mins: England 0 Belgium 0  

Nice dummy from Rashford to spin away from the ball. He's had a couple of chances to stretch his legs and shows good wheels here, but England is offside.

2 mins: England 0 Belgium 0 

Belgian defensive error! Vardy nips in. He gets to the byline and crosses. Courtois elects to save with... his feet. Nearly serves it up to Delph on the edge of the box. Belgium shut it down. 

1 mins: England 0 Belgium 0

England kicks off. Playing it around at the back. Back to the keeper. Up to Vardy, who finds Rashford. Raking ball down the channel but overhit.
England: Pickford, Jones, Stones, Cahill, Alexander-Arnold,  Loftus-Cheek, Dier, Delph, Rose, Rashford, Vardy. Subs: Butland,  Walker, Maguire, Lingard, Henderson, Kane, Sterling, Trippier,  Welbeck, Young, Alli, Pope. 
Belgium: Courtois, Dendoncker, Boyata, Vermaelen, Chadli,  Fellaini, Dembele, Thorgan Hazard, Januzaj, Batshuayi,  Tielemans. Subs: Mignolet, Alderweireld, Kompany, Vertonghen,  Witsel, De Bruyne, Lukaku, Eden Hazard, Carrasco, Mertens,  Meunier, Casteels.
Referee: Damir Skomina (Slovenia)

Here are Belgium

Nine of their XI have played in England.


Here is England

England formation? CREDIT: ITV

Roberto Martinez

"A celebration game."

The England team walk out for the warm-up CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES

The most changes ever for a World Cup 

group stage game: 17. Beating the 14 for Spain and Saudi Arabia in 2006.

England first

Sung with commitment if not actual gusto by the chaps. Ooh, Dier is keen.

Anthem time!

And it's Clive

"For England fans, a rare luxury, having to play a World Cup match without major stress. Relax and enjoy. Hopefully, the players can do the same. Ask your mum and dad what it is usually like: it is not like this."

If you are a SERIOUS football hipster

Panama vs Tunisia, World Cup 2018: live score and latest updates

The Hazard in the Belgium XI

for the avoidance of doubt is Hazard the Less: Thorgan. Brother Eden is on the bench.

The teams

England: Pickford, Jones, Stones, Cahill, Alexander-Arnold,  Loftus-Cheek, Dier, Delph, Rose, Rashford, Vardy. Subs: Butland,  Walker, Maguire, Lingard, Henderson, Kane, Sterling, Trippier,  Welbeck, Young, Alli, Pope. 
Belgium: Courtois, Dendoncker, Boyata, Vermaelen, Chadli,  Fellaini, Dembele, Thorgan Hazard, Januzaj, Batshuayi,  Tielemans. Subs: Mignolet, Alderweireld, Kompany, Vertonghen,  Witsel, De Bruyne, Lukaku, Eden Hazard, Carrasco, Mertens,  Meunier, Casteels.
Referee: Damir Skomina (Slovenia)

Here's a guide to the stadium

Kick off on the hour

Can England do it?

Gareth Southgate

"We are a team, but we are also a collective behind that. We have some very good players and they are getting a chance to play at a World Cup. Also, we don't want injuries to build up, so it was a no-brainer to make some changes."
"I have heard theories of plotting quarter-finals, semi-finals, routes... but I am not thinking about any of that. We want to win this game."


An England and a Belgium fans pose in the streets of Kaliningrad CREDIT: GETTY

Breaking news

England is World Cup holders.


Gary Lineker

If I were a player, I’d want to win the match. I’d want to win the group. I’d want to win a bloody knockout game for once. And I’d want to play against Brazil in the quarter finals of The World Cup. That’s what it’s all about.

A nice feature about Gareth Southgate

Featuring Alan Smith. Not the Arsenal goal machine. Or the Leeds one who looked like Claire Goose. The one that managed Crystal Palace... and gave Gareth Southgate-Badger his debut. Vs Liverpool. He was booked!



Ryan Giggs fails

to control a simple pass from Mark Pougatch.
Pougers lays out the future for England: win tonight, easier last 16 match v Japan, but then hard game v Brazil. Come second in the group, harder last 16 match v Colombia, but easier after that.
Giggs: "Yeah obviously it is the harder side of the draw but you just want to win every game."
Well, yes and no Ryan. That is what everyone is discussing.

Here is how Belgium might play


ITV's coverage begins

England formation? CREDIT: ITV

Loftus-Cheek is on a yellow

Worth bearing that in mind.

Dier Make'r

That magnificent man

in his flying machine, Jim White has been clocking up the air miles. He was at the Colombia match this afternoon, and here is what he reckons.
World Cup scouting report: England beware, dangerous Colombia lie in wait if you cannot beat Belgium to win Group G

    Dressing room

    England dressing room prior to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia group G match v Belgium CREDIT: FIFA VIA GETTY


    Here are the England lads inspecting the pitch

    Vardy is delighted with it all CREDIT: GETTY

    Eruch. Politicians, eh?

    Never miss a trick.

    10 Downing Street is proud to fly the flag and wish @England good luck tonight in their match against Belgium.

    Nine changes for Belgium

    as well.

    11 ⚽️ Courtois, Dendoncker, Boyata, Vermaelen, Chadli, Dembélé, Fellaini, Tielemans, T. Hazard, Januzaj, Batshuayi

    Eight changed for England

    Loftus-Cheek, Stones, and Pickford keep their places, everyone else shuffles.

    Here is the England team


    Lovely Gareth there

    Gareth Southgate's have arrived at the Kaliningrad Stadium, and we'll have tonight's confirmed teamsheet very soon... 👀

    England team probable, from Matt Law

    Jamie Vardy will make his first World Cup start in England’s final Group G game against Belgium tonight with Harry Kane set to miss out.
    With progress into the last-16 secure, England manager Gareth Southgate has made a host of changes and has brought in Vardy.
    Kane had told Southgate he wanted to play in Kaliningrad, but it appears England’s captain will start on the substitutes’ bench with Vardy being given a chance to shine.
    Raheem Sterling has been rested, which means Marcus Rashford is most likely to start just behind Vardy.
    Kyle Walker will not be risked against Belgium because he is on a yellow card, which means Phil Jones and Gary Cahill are likely to play either side of John Stones in the back three.
    Fabian Delph is hoping to start before flying back to England for the birth of his child, Eric Dier will play and Danny Rose has come in at left wing-back. Trent Alexander-Arnold could be handed a place on the right.

    VAR has been the star

    Although not for our old friends the Germans. Do you reckon you can do better than the professionals? Of course, you do. 

    Betting man? Betting woman?

    Here are some offers. I don't know anything about betting but this one actually seems really good, right? 30/1.

    World Cup Anthems!

    Where do England and Belgium come?

    More on England's possibly progress

    England's pathway

    Finish top, play Japan. Finish second, play Colombia.
    You'd rather play Japan, I think almost everyone would agree. On the other hand, Japan in the last 16 means... Brazil in the quarters.
    I think the regrettable fact is that, if England does wish to win the World Cup, they will somewhere along the way have to play a team who is good at football. Shocking, I know.

    Paul reckons that England now have 

    all the motivation they need

    The dubious argument for England throwing the game against Belgium just went bang. To do so would mean playing Colombia next. Win the group and they play Japan (nobody knows whether Brazil will beat Mexico).

    Hard lines for Senegal, this

    Come on England! Or possibly Belgium!

    What a strange and unusual match we have in prospect between England and Belgium, kicking off at 7pm UK time. Both sides are guaranteed to progress to the last-16, but the question is as to who will come top of the group, and hence who they will get to play. Jamie Johnson here argues that England should want to lose to Belgium because the second place would afford an easier path to the final. In some senses, it is hard to argue with that assessment.
    England's hero manager Gareth Southgate has promised that his team is going for the W, and that seems entirely right, but he intends to do it without some of his big names.
    Here is who England might play if they finish top... and if they don't,
    If the match between England and Belgium were to end in a draw, then it would come down to "fair play", i.e. which team has picked up fewer yellow cards. As it stands, that would be England. The prospect of players deliberately kicking the living daylights out of each other in order to get yellows and thus finish below their opponent: well, it's the Corinthian ideal, isn't it?
    England seems to be saying that they will be going for the win but, well, Mandy Rice-Davies applies. The Belgian manager Mr. Martinez has said that he is more concerned with resting players. One such who will miss out is Sir Harry Kane, who has been given a night off. That nice Jamie Vardy gets a chance instead.
    Our columnist Alex Scott has laid out all vital areas and points of consideration for the England vs Belgium match; you can read that here.
    If you're a betting man or woman well, you're brave, because who knows whether these two sides will be going for it or not. But you can have a gander at our Guide to the best England v Belgium free bets and offers >>
    Furthermore: check out what the Colombia and Japan results just now mean for England's pathway chances

    Source: The Telegraph

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