Usain Bolt has far too much to offer athletics for his deluded pursuit of becoming a footballer to be humor

On all available evidence, Usain Bolt is not a bad footballer. Decent left peg knows how to throw his weight about and none too shabby in a foot race.

In one clip from the past few months, he outmuscles a clingy defender and fires a shot inches wide of the far post.

Usain Bolt training with Borussia Dortmund CREDIT: REUTERS

Another shows him producing a fine turn with his back to goal before beating the goalkeeper and hitting the crossbar with a curled effort from the edge of the penalty area.

In a third, he catches his opposite number unaware by smartly backheeling the ball right across the face of goal.

This guy could have something, right? Well, before getting carried away it is worth considering the opposition.

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