What Are The 10 Biggest Tech Companies In The World? 2/10


Interesting Fact: Amazon.com was almost named Cadabra.com, but it was changed when a lawyer misheard it as “cadaver.”

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Founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994
Has Employees: 566,000
Headquarters: Seattle, WA
Market Cap: $719.1 billion AND GROWING
Growth in the last ten years: 2020%

Amazon.com is the largest online retailer worldwide today, and it got its start in a garage back in the mid-90s. Jeff Bezos had been the VP of a Wall Street firm before moving to Seattle to start an internet company after feeling like he missed the boat with the online boom. Since then, the company has exploded into groceries, artificial intelligence, and many more innovative services that almost all of us use.


3 / 10 - This Company Has 2 Billion Customers and Changed the Way We Communicate.

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