Piers Morgan outs Susanna Reid as she confesses to secret relationships since divorce

SUSANNA REID was forced to open up about her romantic life when Piers Morgan pressed her about relationships on Good Morning Britain today.

The 47-year-old ITV favorite finalized her divorce from her husband Dominic Cotton back in 2014 and has remained private about her personal life in the years since.

However, in a recent interview, she hinted at having had relationships over the past couple of years.

It didn’t take long for the Good Morning Britain beauty’s co-host Piers Morgan to latch on to the comments.

Holding up Susanna Reid’s cover of The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine on the show this morning, the 52-year-old broadcaster remarked: “In the old days I’d have said you looked hot, but I’m not allowed to anymore because you get arrested for things like that.

ITVPiers Morgan quizzed Susanna Reid about her love life on Good Morning Britain today

ITVSusanna hinted she had had relationships since her divorce

“There are lots of nuggets here,” he continued. “One says when she started working with me, ‘the Piers Effect has certainly helped me shed my fear - he’s urged me to unleash my opinions, he’s unleashed me’.”

But Piers didn’t stop there, insistent on making his presenting partner blush as he delved into her love life.

“In another part of the interview you’re asked about your love life,” he soldiered on, as Susanna looked slightly uncomfortable.

“So I’ve worked with you for just over two years, right? And you say here, ‘I haven’t been completely a foreigner to love over the last couple of years’.

ITVPiers joked that Susanna was in love with him

“Wow,” he added, joking: “So I’m doing the maths here - I come into your life two years ago, you haven’t been ‘completely a foreigner to love’ in that period.”

“I’ve obviously had relationships in the past couple of years but for some reason, you interpret that as I’ve secretly been in love with you,” she exclaimed.

“Cupid has struck,” Piers quipped, as Susanna hit back: “Is it lovely in your work of self-delusion, where you roam alone?”

In the candid interview, the mother-of-three said that she was open to the idea of finding love again.

GETTYSusanna finalised her divorce from Dominic Cotton in 2014

“If somebody emerged in my life, that would obviously be something that I would embrace,” she said. “But I’m not going out looking for it [and] I’m not shutting it down completely.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere on today’s GMB, Piers pressed Nigel Farage over whether he considers himself a feminist.

The former UKIP leader responded to Piers’ questioning by repeatedly insisting that he didn’t know what it meant to be a feminist.