This Girl Was Taking A Photo Of An Expensive Car. When The Driver Stepped out, She Was So Suprised When She Saw Who He Is...

The best things in life really happen when you least expect it! This is what had happened to this woman in Tomas Morato.

According to her, she was in Tomas Morato when she saw this jaw-dropping black car, parking in front of her.

She then began taking photos of the matte black Chevrolet Corvette.

A few moments later, the driver hopped off the car and started walking.

The woman was then in shock when she realized that the driver of the expensive car was none other than the Teen King, Daniel Padilla.

She came back to her senses when Daniel came to their spot. She then asked if she could take a few photos with him to which he agreed with.

The woman has then become the envy of many because of her experience!

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