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In his song, "The Prayers of the Saints," Christian music star Matt Redman, said, paraphrasing Revelation 5:8, that the prayers of the saints are like "sweet-smelling incense" to God.
If this is the case, then Sutton Whitt’s prayers must be extremely fragrant to God, as the toddler was recently caught on camera praying.

After her parents put her to sleep, Sutton’s parents heard a noise coming from her room.

When they turned on the baby monitor, they saw little Sutton lying in her crib giving thanks to God and lifting up a list of people in prayer.

Though it is hard to make out every name she lists, some of the people Sutton prays for are "Robert" and "grandma." She also thanks God for "mommy" and "daddy" more than once.

When she was done praying, she stamps her prayer and sends it off to God with a resounding "Amen."

When Sutton's parents saw that she was praying, they began recording the video.

Kathryn Whitt, Sutton’s mom uploaded the video to Facebook where it went viral. The black-and-white footage of Sutton has received more than 2 million views and a slew of comments.

Most commenters said that Sutton’s prayer was “precious,” while others such as Jennifer Phillips commended Kathyrn and her husband for being good parents.

"When the little ones pray we know we have done something right. Thank you for sharing your blessing. God is great," she said.