Here’s how you should arrange your closet a la Heart Evangelista

The question “How do you fit so much clothing inside a cramped space that is your closet?” still hasn’t found its answer. Although, if you’re just as lucky as Heart Evangelista, then you wouldn’t have to worry about such, to begin with.

Now, I’m pretty sure most of you do not own a walk-in closet, nor have even seen one in person. Heck, even I have to make use of big duraboxes to store my clothes. (I live in a dormitory, by the way.) But try to speak with your inner fashionista and imagine you have the same luxury – how would you like for your closet to look like?

First, the toughest part – organizing her accessories.

For Heart, a walk-in closet isn’t so much about being aesthetically pleasing as it is being neat and tidy. In a sneak peek from Preview, the Kapuso actress shared how she likes to arrange her favorite corner of the house. And as one of the most-fashion forward celebrities in the country to date, her opinion is the only thing that counts when it comes to this matter.

As she arranges her luxury bags (with a number bought from Hermes), Heart told Preview that she doesn’t ever want to give away the count of her collection.

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