Simon Says, Girl, Is Nuts For Attempting “Amazing Grace” In A Capella, Then He Hears First Note

Do you love music? Does the sheer sound of a note being sung beautifully strike a feeling within you that you simply cannot describe? It’s fair to say that for many, a song can transcend them into a whole new dimension—to a place where they feel joyful, calm, relaxed, and at peace. Which is why shows such as the “X Factor,” have done so well.

These competition shows display some immensely talented individuals who can’t help but radiate their passion for all of us to witness.

In the video below, you will see “X Factor” contestant, Chloe Paige, a beautiful young lady from Brighton, England. But Chloe is not just a pretty face! In fact, she has the voice of an angel—with a whole lot of confidence. While stepping onto the stage, she gave everyone a run for their money as she boldly admitted that she would be singing a rather difficult song—a song that many thought she wouldn’t be able to pull off.

Alas, this aspiring singer managed to ace her audition and made it to the elusive Six Chair Challenge, which is when she decided to sing the song, ‘Amazing Grace’ in a cappella. Did she deliver? Yes and then some! Chloe managed to blow the judges away, even getting the well-sought nod from Simon Cowell himself!

It’s safe to say that this video clip can give anyone goosebumps, as it is so heartfelt and beautiful. Give it a peek below, and if you’ve adored it as much as the “X Factor” judges did, be sure to like and share it with your nearest and dearest!

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