5 Moves That Will Strengthen Those Underworked Muscles in Your Body

So often when we work out, we focus on the major muscle groups like our core and quads and forget about the smaller areas in our body. But these lesser-known muscles are actually just as important as they often can prevent injury and help you become stronger. Here are five moves that will help you target those smaller areas.

1. Rainbow Leg Lifts

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What it works: Gluteus Minimus, which connects from the hip down to your femur.

The move: Lie on your side and support your head with your hand. With your feet flexed, lift the top leg, touch it down toward the front of the mat, then lift it up and touch it toward the back of the mat. Keep core tight and your hips and shoulders aligned.

2. Dumbbell Lateral Raises

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What it works: Supraspinatus muscles. If you’ve ever felt nagging pain around your rotator cuff, chances are it was related to having weak supraspinatus muscles.

The move: Stand up straight and keep your abs tight and shoulders down. Raise the dumbbells to shoulder height. Stop and hold at the top, then return (hands should never go above your shoulders).

3. Ball Leg Lifts

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What it works: Adductors, which are muscles that run from the groin to the hip.

The move: Lie on your side on the floor with your arms extended out. Place a large exercise ball in between your feet and slowly lift the ball up toward the ceiling. Be sure to only use your butt and hips for the move.

4. Bent-Over Reverse Fly

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What it works: Rhomboids and Trapezius muscles, located in your upper back.

The move: Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand with knees slightly bent. Bend forward at the hip joint (keep your back flat), then slowly lift both arms to the side, keeping your shoulders away from your ears. Squeeze shoulder blades together at the top.

5. Calf Raises (Internal Rotation)

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What it works: Calves

The move: Stand hip-width apart, then rotate your toes inward so they are almost touching. Slowly raise your heels until you're on your toes, then lower down.

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