30 Min Strength Training Workout For Swimmers

Before the the real training starts. Running is my jam, so I really need to work on my biking and most importantly, my swimming. I’ve created this Strength Training Workout For Swimmers for myself in order to be a stronger swimmer.
Strength Training Workout For Swimmers
As a working mom, my best time-saving strategy is to use my 1 hour lunch for my workouts. But when you figure in drive time and changing time, I only really have 30 minutes to actually work out. Now that I’ve committed to doing my first triathlon in August, I’ve started swimming. I also want to work on getting stronger as a swimmer . I have designed my strength training program for my 30 minute lunch workouts.
Because I’m not an expert or a trainer, I’ve consulted various websites to come up with my plan (see references below). I selected the exercises for my 30 Min Strength Training Workout For Swimmers based on the equipment available at the gym I go to, as well as what I think I can do in 30 minutes. I also tried to make this a total body workout by selecting exercises that would work the arms, core and legs.


The following plan is to be done in a circuit, doing 3 full circuits, here it is:
  1. 12 plank rows on each side
  2. 60 seconds of kettle bell swings
  3. 10 Medicine ball push-ups
  4. 25 Sit-Ups
  5. 1 minute of Russian Twist
  6. 1 minute of straight leg flutter kicks
  7. 10 Calf raises
  8. 10 Squats


  • How did you stay motivated this week?
  • Are you a swimmer, what’s you best advice for a newbie?
  • Do you go to the gym with a plan, or do you wing it?

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