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US Stole Iraqi Gold and Oil

SHOCKING! US Stole Iraqi Gold and Oil, Specifically 20 TRILLION Dollars in Gold and 30 TRILLION dollars worth of oil.

Iraq Didn't Have 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' After All

The United States stole Iraqi gold and oil, specifically 20 TRILLION dollars in gold and 30 TRILLION dollars worth of oil.

Kevin Billings look down in the corner, that stuff is probably sprayed gold lmao haha

Eziel Maniego Ever since Americans are golddigers in every country, Why did Duoglas McArthur says in the Phil? I shall return! Its up for us the Filipino people to judge why he will return.

Melvince Alde I was in Iraq between March 2003-April 2004. My Army unit 4th Infantry Division together with 173rd Airborne and 10th Mountain Division in a Checkpoint discovered couple trucks loaded with gold bars by Iraq/Syria and Iraq/Iran border. Iraqi with couple Iranians and Syrians were trying to smuggle those gold into Iran and Syria. The gold was turned over to the Iraqis after they established a stable government to rebuild their country. Those soldiers in the pictures were just amazed and took picturesof the gold bars as souvenirs. No gold was stolen because we have a far more discipline soldiers with ethics and values to live by. What happened to those gold after was turned in to Iraqi government will remain a mystery. Do your research first before making accusations.

Redz Mia Money, luxury cars, gorgeous houses, expensive gadgets powers and alot more are those temporarily on this planet earth.. you can never bring that all if our time on earth is finish.. LOVE GOd above all things,we can love GOD by loving one another..respect one another so that if we will die we will surely go to heaven... GODbless ur all

Said Ali Albahar You murdered innocent people,robbed the oil gold and everything.And YOU used it for what?you think god never knor every inch your step in this world life.No humanity.You Fight with Muslim.You fight with Allah.Allah is the greatest.The Hell is waiting for you Soldier,for You America.You truly Terrorist truly Robber.Laknatullah.

Béni Par Dieu A good that size must be between 100-150kgs it can't be that light weight

Noel Calangian Cruz now you know who really the real thieves in this world & terrorists.

Edwin Palumpa It's good the decision of President duterte to keep distance and to withdraw the allies in states. Because the philippines is in danger.

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