Dubai: No Ejari? No Water Or Electricity From July 1

New rule requiring tenancy contract attestation applies to tenants who are moving into new apartments

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Dubai: Moving to a new flat in Dubai? You will need to get your tenancy contract attested first before you can get your electricity and water services by next month.

It’s no longer possible to move to your new flat and have your tenancy contract attested by getting an Ejari (‘My Rent’ in Arabic) at a much later date unless you want to live without electricity and water.

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) on Tuesday announced that attesting tenancy contract will be mandatory for to get their electricity and water services activated beginning July 1.

To avail of Dewa’s services, customers must attest their tenancy contracts at any of the 800 real estate offices approved by Dubai Land Department. They do not have to visit Dewa’s customer happiness centers since the two agencies are now linked, saving their time and effort.

Electricity and water services in Dubai are activated as soon as Ejari contract is attested, without visiting #DEWA offices #DEWAnews— DEWA | Official Page (@DEWAOfficial) June 13, 2017

Once the Ejari is attested, the customer will receive a welcome message from Dewa via e-mail and SMS, including the account and premise numbers, as well as a link to pay the security deposit.

Once the security deposit is paid online or using any of the smart channels provided by Dewa, electricity, and water services are activated for the customer.

Saeed Mohammad Al Tayer, Managing Director, and CEO of Dewa said the move supports Dewa’s efforts to achieve the vision of the Dubai Government to enhance transparency and improve efficiency in the government sector and adhere to the best international practices.

"Government departments in Dubai work to achieve the vision of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to enhance integration among each other to unify procedures and save the time and effort needed to get government services,” Al Tayer said.

“At Dewa, we adopt this approach and work to link our services with other government departments to provide integrated smart services that enable customers to conduct their transactions, anytime anywhere. This saves their time and effort and achieves their happiness. This also minimises physical visits to government departments,” he added.

Your Ejari and Dewa Questions Answered

Q: Do I need to visit Dubai Land Department’s - DLD (RERA) office for Ejari after getting the tenancy contract from the Property Management Company?

A: No, you are not required to visit DLD’s (RERA) office for Ejari. The Management Company will issue you the tenancy contract and immediately transmit your data to DLD. The Ejari will be given to you at the same time by the Property Management office.

Q: How about Dewa? Do I need to visit Dewa for Activation of Supply (Move-in) after getting the tenancy contract from the Management Company?

A: There is no need to visit any Dewa office since after your Ejari is issued, the DLD (RERA) system will immediately transmit your information to Dewa to process it. You will receive a welcome email and SMS with your account details and link for the security deposit and activation charge payment.

Q: How can I pay the security deposit and activation charge?

A: Dews has many online payment options: (1) Dewa’s website, (2) smart app, (3) by clicking on the link in the welcome email at the time of the issuance of Ejari.

Q: How soon can my electricity and water supplies be connected?

A: Your electricity and water supplies will be activated within 24 hours of a security deposit and activation charge payment.

Q: What if the previous tenant has not applied for the final bill and settled the final bill amount? Will I get Ejari and Dewa registration?

A: No. All tenants moving out of apartments or office spaces are required to apply for the final bill and settle the final bill amount before a new tenant can apply for the Activation of Supply for the existing premise.

Q: What documents should I submit to the Property Management Company for Dewa registration (Move-in)?

A: The following is mandatory to be submitted to the Management Company for Dewa registration (Move in);

1. Emirates ID

2. Mobile Number

3. Email ID

4. PO Box and Emirates

Q: What are the requirements for Ejari registration?

Tenancy contract

Tenant’s Passport and Residence Visa

The tenant’s Emirates ID

A copy of the passport of the landlord

Copy of Title Deeds of the rented property

Dewa Premises Number (or copies of recent DEWA bills – for existing tenants)

For new tenants, DLD will have this as they are already linked with Dewa.

Q: Why do I need to get an ejari?

A: Ejari registration helps provide protection to tenants, landlords and management companies on the terms of each rental contract. This also establishes clear payment terms to protect the interests of all parties when advance rental payments are made.

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