Photos That Will Make You Look Twice

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When looking at these photos, one just can’t remain indifferent. What kind of message was the photographer trying to send to the audience? Is it the wrong moment, or just a result of human stupidity? I mean really, who in their right mind would say that these bizarre masterpieces can be explained on the basis of logic?

© mobypicture

’My grandmother cares about me THIS much.’

© fototelegraf

’Yes, I might be bad at parking, but I sure look good with my sewing machine...’

© reddit

Your brain will try to deceive you by asserting that this is one and the same photo. ’Everyone says my face is symmetrical so I dug out these pics. One is normal, one is mirrored.’

© taringa

’Those travel agencies... We paid for an ocean-view room with a jacuzzi tub!’

© twitter

I hear shoes are a great substitute for chewing gum...

© publinews

’Dude, you should have thought this through!’

© blog.livedoor

’Sir, we won’t lose again, we promise. Just don’t make us eat that thing.’

© ccnyauction

Who knows, maybe in ancient Greek mythology this picture would look just fine...

© papersera

’Thank God, they took the kids back, now we can have fun our way.’

© bibo

So that’s who the prototype was for Puss in Boots from Shrek!

© wehuntedthemammoth

An alpha male and his chicks.

© webinapage

An intergalactic journey starts in Scotland.

© bluelight

Having a harem is not as cool as one might suppose.

© youtube

This is what I look like when my teacher asks me a tough question during an exam.

© fyeahallthecutestuff

’Don’t even think about jumping the line...’

© los40

I bet his dog is not happy being this particular man’s best friend.

© otherside

The Loch Ness Monster is so busted!

© novosti-dny

A great night club where you can freely express your attitude toward the DJ and his music preferences.

© socionics

’Oh no, Tigger, what did they do to you?’

© novosti-dny

’Everybody smile! ...You, too, hoodman.’

A banana car? Really?!

© twitter/ Ultimo_km1

No, they’re not naked!

Preview photo credit twitter/ Ultimo_km1