Reasons Why You Could Be Experiencing Back Pain

Research shows that about 80% of people have been affected by back pain which results from behaviors that cause strain to their bodies. If you are experiencing back pains, consider avoiding these habits and your battle with an achy back will come to an end.

Failure to do regular exercises can cause back pain. You need to carry out abdominal strengthening exercises so that you improve your posture and reduce the chances of back pain. Some common exercises include core and Pilates which strengthen back muscles and make them stable. Other exercises recommended by medics include swimming, bicycling and walking because they improve flexibility.

The other bad habit that you need to stop is having a bad posture. A bad posture normally strains your back and strain the spine. The continued strain of the spine causes a change in the anatomical characteristics of your spine. To avoid that, try and stand with your knees slightly bent then place one of your foot forward. This helps in taking off pressure on your lower back. Make sure that you sit with your hips at a higher position than your knees.

In most times, back pains result from lifting heavy loads in a wrong manner. When lifting heavy loads, ensure that you bend your knees so that you keep the weight close to your body. Remember to avoid twisting.

You need to avoid being overweight. When you are overweight especially at the mid-section of your body, it tends to shift the center of gravity forward such that the strain goes to your back muscles. Make sure you maintain an ideal weight for you by eating the right diet and exercising regularly. Smoking is not good for your back. Taking nicotine normally restricts the flow of blood to discs. Cigarettes, on the other hand, reduce absorption of calcium and do not allow bone growth. This leaves smokers at the risk of osteoporosis

Make sure you get enough calcium and vitamin D because they are essential for bone strength. Consult with a doctor to give you supplements in case you do not have enough of them in your diet.

If you are experiencing back pain, ensure you do not reduce activities. Being active is essential because it increases the flow of blood to the affected area and this reduces inflammation. That way, you do not experience muscle tension. Therefore, if you want to ease back pain or avoid getting back pain, ensure you avoid these habits.