25 Powerful Photos Taken Moments Before Major Tragedy

Robin Williams Last Camera Moments:

This is reportedly the last photograph taken of the American comedic superman, Robin Williams. It is after his suicide that the world came to know about the details regarding how the globally-loved actor had been struggling behind the scenes with depression and Lewy-Body Dementia for years.

Daily Mail

Titanic’s Maiden But Also Last Voyage:
I’m sure you’ve heard the tragic story of the RMS Titanic. Appearing here is the grand ship’s last photo. A few days after this image was taken, the megaship hit an iceberg in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and sank, killing hundreds of people. Most of the passengers perished because they couldn’t get life-boats.

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Air France 4590’s Last Voyage:

Appearing here is the last image of Air France Flight 4590 taken just before it was destroyed in a runway fire. The aiplane hit debris as it took off, puncturing its fuel tank and catching fire
instantly. Moments later the plane crashed onto a hotel adjacent to the airport, killing a total of 113 people, i.e. all the 109 aboard it and 4 on the ground.


Girl’s Tragic Moment, Niagara Falls:

Behind these happy lovebirds taking a picture, the camera caught a girl (the one in a red sweater) straddling the railing atop the Niagara Falls. Seconds later, she jumped to her tragic death.

Head Cramp

Dale Earnhardt Sr. Just Before His Last Ride:

In this 2001 photo, Dale Earnhardt is seen being walked hand-in-hand by with his wife to his famed #3 rally car that would later crash with him and bring an end to an era, the Dale
Earnhardt era. The fiery accident involved 3 vehicles in a tragic pile-up on the racing platform.

Winston-Salem Journal

US 1961 Figure Skating Team:

Just before they took a Brussels-bound flight that would claim all their lives, members of the 1961 U.S. Figure-Skating team took this photograph. Apart from the team members and their
technical staff, the airplane also carried their families. All on board perished, leading to the delaying of the gaming event.

Tina Watson’s Tragic Dive:

Although this may seem like a fun-filled diving moment at first glance, if you look closely, there is a diver that looks like they are struggling to cope with the water at the lower right near the
corner of the photo. Tina Watson is the diver in trouble. While her new hubby told her he was a professionally-certified diver, he was lying about his prowess and couldn’t help save her from
the rough tides.

Daily Mail

Nurse’s Photo Before Ebola Took Her:

In this photo, we are taken into a West African hospital reported to be where the first Ebola cases were diagnosed. Looking on is Mayinga NSeka, a nurse who would just days later tragically
succumb to the deadly virus.

Failed Military Glider Flight:

Here we see some of the 10 big-named personalities — including St. Louis Mayor, William D. Becker — killed in a 1943 military glider flight. The glider they were aboard in this photo was on
a test-run.

Joe Kelly’s Last Family Moment:

American investment broker Joseph Kelly, described by friends and family as a “do-gooder with a big heart”, took this last photograph with his two sons just a day before he was tragically
killed in the 11th September 2001 terrorist attack on the US.

TransAsia Airways Flight 235’s Tragedy:

This photo was taken just before TransAsia Airways’ Flight 235 hit the surface of the Keelung River, killing 42 out of the 58 passengers and crew aboard it. The accident was due to a
malfunction in the plane’s engines.

Martin Luther King Jr. Just Before Assassination:

In this photo, we see Martin Luther King Junior standing with aides atop a public balcony. The next morning, the human rights activist was shot dead on this same spot, an assassination
that shocked people worldwide.

Paul Walker’s Catastrophic Last Ride:

Loved by millions across the world, actor Paul Walker was mopped by crowds and photographed as he and a friend got into the vehicle that would later kill them in a tragic road crash that
saw their bodies burnt beyond recognition.

Reynaldo Dagsa’s Killing:

Reynaldo Dagsa, a Filipino politician, was having a happy moment with his family when his assassin struck. As he took a photograph of them, it happened that the man who would just a
few seconds later fatally shoot him was right there behind them!

New Zealand’s 2012 Hot Air Balloon Tragedy:

In 2012, a hot air balloon flying over Carterton, New Zealand killed all its 12 passengers when it hit a live power line. Later media reports linked the accident to a pilot under the influence.


Robert Budd-Dwyer’s Public Suicide:

This is the State Treasurer of Pennsylvania just before he shot and killed himself live on American TV. Accused by state employees of withholding their overpaid taxes, as well as taking
bribes, he decided to take the easy way out rather than face courts.

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