UAE Blacklist And Lifetime Ban

UAE Blacklist Rules and Law

Below are the Questions mostly visitors asked through Mails, Messages & comments:

1: What is Blacklist?
2: How to enter UAE again if someone is blacklisted?
3: Is there any fine on blacklist person(s)?
4: How to enter UAE without Ban?
5: Is there any chance to remove name from Blacklist Category?
6: What to do if we do not have money to pay?
7: Where to surrender in UAE?
8: If someone is blacklisted in UAE, Can he travel other GCC country?

9: What are the reason due to which we can face lifetime ban?
10: What are the types of bans in UAE?
11: I didn’t did any crime, why I am blacklisted?
12: What about those who runaway but still here in UAE?
13: What if someone got arrest while living illegally here in UAE?
14: Who are not allowed to Leave UAE?
15: Who are not allowed to Enter UAE?
16: How to remove immigration ban in UAE?
17: How to remove name from Blacklist case?
18: What is the ban type for runaway people?

There are various types of bans in United Arab Emirates:
1: Entry Ban
2: Work Ban
3: Labour Ban
4: Immigration Ban

It depends on what expats or visitors have done while living or working here in UAE, but we are not going to discuss types of UAE ban this time, we have already written about it in this Article.

Today we are here with the most important and mostly discussed issue on UAE Platforms that is “Blacklist”.

UAE Blacklist:

Blacklist is the type of Ban that contains the names of those who are strictly prohibited from leaving or entering any state of UAE for committing a crime or an illegal act.

GCC Blacklist:

As per the new reports, an individual who have been deported from any member of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) will also be ban from entering all GCC countries.
These are the 6 Middle East countries where your entry will be denied in case of Blacklist.
1: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
2: United Arab Emirates
3: The State of Kuwait
4: The State of Qatar
5: The Sultanate of Oman
6: The Kingdom of Bahrain

Who are prohibited to Enter UAE?

According to Ministry of Interior Article 94 of the Executive Regulations of Federal Law No 6 of 1973 that is amended by Ministerial Decree No 83 of 2002, the following individuals are prohibited from entering any state of United Arab Emirates:

1: Individuals who were involved in criminal activities and a deportation order from the UAE court has been issued against them.
2: Individuals who were deported according to governmental orders issued by the Ministry of Interior.
3: Those who were proved to be have the HIV/AIDS (human immunodeficiency virus) or related diseases that the Ministry of Health deems to be threat to public health in UAE.
4: Activities of those individuals who were reported by the (ICC) International Criminal Cooperation.
5: Individuals who were deported from any GCC country on criminal grounds.

Who are forbidden to leave UAE?

As per Article 94 of the Executive Regulations of Federal Law No 6 of 1973 that is amended by Ministerial Decree No 83 of 2002, below is the list of individuals who are prohibited from leaving UAE:

1: An Individual against whom court order has been issued after legal investigation cannot leave UAE.
2: A person against whom a written order has been issued in a case by UAE court.
3: A debt person who is indebted to the government and the ban or prohibition order has been issued by the Minister of Interior or his local representative here in UAE.
4: A person who is involved in Terrorism or wanted by Government of UAE.

I didn’t did any crime, why I am blacklisted?

This is very Important and mostly asked question that why someone who wasn’t involved in any illegal or criminal activities but he is banned from UAE forever?
Please note that In addition to the blacklist or lifetime ban, there is also an Administrative (Governmental) List or file which contain the record of those individuals who cannot enter UAE due to complaint from their employers (companies) or due to unnecessary cancellation of their residence (employment) permits.

What about those who run away (Escaped) from their companies but still here in UAE?

Individuals who runaway or escaped from their employers (companies) cannot leave UAE and are to be arrested due to an absconding case (escaping or runaway case) that may filled by their sponsor, employers or companies.

What if someone is arrested while living illegal in UAE?

In case if you are living illegally in any state of UAE and arrested by local Police, CID or other security services, you will sent to jail for a maximum of 3 months and then UAE courts will order a lifetime ban on you after serving jail term. Once court ordered you will be deport from UAE and there will be no chance to enter UAE again until a special permission is secured from the Ministry of Interior.

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